by gillian claire: December 2014



boys in vests.


We've been a little busy lately with my semester finishing up and a little bit of traveling and such. I just wanted to stop in and share these photos of my boys in the ridiculously adorable vests that FabKids sent us last month! Oh my gosh, I have no words. But, I do have pictures - so enjoy. :) :)
boys' outfits c/o FabKids

photos of flowers / the bouqs company.

IMG_1894 .
Truth be told, I was really excited when The Bouqs Company contacted me and wanted to send me flowers because ...  well, because I love photographing flowers! No shame. The Bouqs Co. was great and allowed me to be super picky and choose the bouquet I wanted and I was dying to try out the "Cake n Cream" bouquet. This bouquet consists of mixed Ranunculus flowers and they are absolutely beautiful! To be honest I let the box sit on my counter untouched for two days before I opened it because I knew I wanted to photograph the process and I couldn't find a chance! When I opened the box, the flowers still looked great; thank goodness! After placing these beauties in water, my flowers continued to bloom and grow in their gorgeousness! I've been seeing Bouqs pop up on some blogs here and there lately and I'm happy to support this company on my blog as well just in time for the holidays! I was very impressed with their lovely packaging and the quality of their service. Ok, enough rambling, I'll let my photos do the rest of the talking:
Check out The Bouqs Company for yourself: here! What's your favorite bouquet?
Do you ever send flowers to loved ones?
Thanks for reading, friends and for supporting my blog and giving me this opportunity to indulge in  my flower-picture-taking guilty pleasure. ;)


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