by gillian claire: April 2013




{ roman, a super grainy off-focus portrait. }

i'm all for getting the "perfect photograph". i'm all for natural light and the perfect match up of camera settings.
but don't you think that if we're always wrapped up in trying to find perfect,
we might miss out on wonderful?
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this + that.

meresteve14meresteve9well, i'm super stressed right now. it's the end of the semester for school, and in true-gillian fashion i've left everything to the end. so i have 4 papers, 3 exams AND my honors art history presentation that i'm making this thursday looming over my head. oh my, help me.

just wanted to share a few other things in my life with you all. like these wedding photos i did last fall! i'd love for you all to take a peek and let me know what you think. photography is coming second to being a mom right now in my life, and that's the way i like it. but i've worked on putting together a few advertising things last week. it was so fulfilling to put together this blog post. i put so much work into editing client photos and it is so meaningful for me to put them all together and see the finished product. 
obviously, i work for my clients, 
but my photographs are also my work, 
and it is important to document them for myself as an artist as well. :)

also, my spearmint baby post from last week! i had so much fun putting this together, because oh my goodness spring is finally here and i couldn't be more thrilled!

happy earth day everyone, thanks for stopping by!
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living room play.

IMG_1401IMG_1400IMG_1430i really don't take a lot of photos on the first floor of our home. we live in a little cabin of a house and the first floor is cozy and has a lot of wood. the second floor is a dream of natural light so clearly i love to photograph there.
these photos were taken in our living room and i'm glad because i truly love this house so so much. especially if we move this summer i will be glad to have documented a little of that room. 
asher is in such a darling stage right now. he loves to play and drags out his bucket of dinosaurs or lines up his little doggies and says "good job!" he is gathering more words everyday and one of his favorite things to do is take walks where he practices his new found vocabulary on the way.
"bye birrrrrd" "bye balllll" "teeee!" (tree) 
slowly he's finding his voice and it's just so so cute. this boy is a handful in every since of the word. he is extreme, and with that also comes his squeeze-you-around-the-leg kisses, and his every morning bright cheery smile to greet the day. :)
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pursuits of a five year old.

pursuits of a five year old. IMG_1525IMG_1522IMG_1521-2putting on his raincoat,
noticing that the flowers smell like candles, touching the soft white petals and feeling thankful that, "now we have our own garden!"
choosing some for mama,
placing them in a mason jar in the bathroom for all to enjoy.
just some of the daily pursuits of a five year old.
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happy friday.

brother style.

today is:
vacuuming with my little helper(who uses a grocery cart instead of a vacuum),
 actually getting homework done during asher's nap(yay!),
lemon kombucha,
milk + cheerios on the floor,
cleaning the bedroom (i hope),
finding staples in roman's shorts(why do thrift stores do that??)
wearing my favorite comfy sweater,
looking forward to cuddling my boys to sleep and finally getting to see aaron 
after an always good in ways but also tiring day!

what does your friday look like?

(photos from a photoshoot i did for Spearmint Baby a while back)

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easter sunday.

IMG_1342 (2dip2)IMG_1342 (2)dip3take2just a quick post to share some photos of our little easter bunnies yesterday.
gosh, they looked so adorable in their matchy match neon shorts and soft cuddly shirts. 
these boys had such a wonderful day. fun days like these, when my children are preoccupied with all the excitement, and therefore forfeiting their usual grumpiness, give me a chance to look at them from afar and see how wonderful they truly are :) 
i loved watching little ash carrying the big wire basket of plastic eggs down the hall at my grandparents house with the most satisfied smile on his face, watching him count the eggs "one doo tee!" and lining his puppies up all in a row.
roman's pure happy laughter in the backseat while playing with my little sister olivia, and his hard core determination to find as many eggs as he could during the egg hunt at aunt paula's :)
gosh, nothing better.

hope you all had a wondeful Easter!
here's to keeping Jesus at the center of our days, every day.

IMG_1371 (2)diptake2IMG_1362for the details on their outfits and to see roman + asher on spearmint baby today, visit me here!


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