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portraits of roman.

IMG_5743 .
These pictures of Roman absolutely light up my heart. My seven year old, my "sweetest boy", my "star". I love this boy tremendously. I love when we stay up late to watch Cupcake Wars together. I love when he writes me a million little notes with "xoxo" at the end. That's it for today; I hope these photos bring a smile to your face as well. 
Happy Friday!
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FabKids // march pick.

Happy Monday friends!
     I'm finally getting around to sharing Asher's FabKids outfit from March! For those of you who aren't familiar with FabKids, they are a subscription clothing company for kids that comes out with new outfits each month to choose from! Here are my 3 favorite things about FabKids right now:

1. All of their clothing is super unique and they actually have boys clothes that are cute, colorful and fun! A huge pet peeve of mine is trying to find clothes for my boys that I like. For some reason our culture likes to offer a million adorable things for girls but the little boys section hardly looks much different than the men's section. Boys need cute stuff too!

2. I love that FabKids offers the same outfits in sizes 2-12 so I can find matching things for my boys! Am I the only mom who loves this? For example this "Mr. Cool" shirt is one of Roman's favorites that we got for him back in September and now Asher has it as well! In other stores, Roman is in the boys section and Asher is still in toddler boys so I can't find matching things for them.

3. I love that FabKids comes out with new items each month but that they still recycle some of their old styles. Now that we've been working with FabKids for almost a year (Eek!) my boys are getting bigger and I'm excited to reorder a few of my favorites in the next size up!
Right now FabKids is offering 20% your first purchase plus free shipping so be sure to check them out!
Mr Cool Graphic Tee: c/o FabKids
Plaid Bermuda Shorts: c/o FabKids
Shoes: Old Navy
( Oh, and the socks were Asher's idea... )
*FabKids provides clothing for my children in exchange for my work as a Brand Ambassador. Thanks so much for supporting my blog and providing my family with these opportunities; I truly appreciate it!*
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portraits of ash.

IMG_5694-2 ( asher, 3 years 9 months )
Oh my heart! I snapped these pictures the other day after Asher and I had a grand adventure. I'm finishing up my final for my Photo 2  this semester so I bought Asher a new outfit at Old Navy and took him out into the neighborhood looking for fun and good spots for photos. We truly had such a wonderful time together. It felt like the old days when I had just one baby and simple walks to the dumpster behind our house were enough adventure for one day. Life with 2 is busy and I hope to strive harder to find the beauty in the little things with my boys: discovering caves under pine trees, running from landscaping sprinklers, looking for secret paths and making wishes on dandelions.
.IMG_5695-2IMG_5693-2 IMG_5729-2IMG_5733
similar portraits of asher from the past here + here.
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jogger pants; yes please.

     Hello friends, it's been a while! I wanted to pop in this Monday morning and share these pictures of my sweet 7 year old modeling the outfit that FabKids sent us recently! I am a huge fan of the jogger pants trend and can't get over how adorable they look on Roman! I'm also so pleased with how perfectly these pants fit because, as I've mentioned, finding pants to fit Roman's body type has been a real struggle this year! They will get us through the rest of the chilly days that may happen this spring. It's been super warm here in Colorado but we also had a snowstorm last week so you never know! Also, this color blue on him - sigh! It brings out his sparkly blue eyes. :)
     Cheers to a happy Monday! I'm itching to update my blog so hopefully I'll be able to put together a few posts this week. In the meantime, I'm loving being back on Instagram - you can find me here: @bygillianclaire! Leave a comment if you follow me so that I can follow you as well! <3
Be sure to check out FabKids for yourself! 
Use my link to get 20% off your first outfit with free shipping!

( Roman's faces here - hah! )
outfit: c/o FabKids, shoes $3 Old Navy clearance (score!)

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june so far.

just a little update on what we've been up to this past month :)kansasskyjuneroman had his last day of kindergarten! ( water day ) i died with sadness at how big he is getting. :(
// we headed out to ohio that very same day after some car troubles that turned out to just be a drained battery. kansas sunsets are amazing! we took turns driving and drove straight through, 20 hours, without stopping for anything besides gas + food.ohioroadtripjunei didn't take many instagram photos in the midwest, but this is one of my favorite pictures: my littlest sister + my namaw and papaw in front of their house! i'm so glad that we got to spend 2 different days visiting with them; i love and miss them so much.
// after a couple weeks in ohio / indiana, we headed back. this photo is of asher sleeping somewhere on the road trip home. sleeping babies are by far the best kind of road tripping babies...kansasroadtripjuneon the way to ohio we drove through some pretty scary storms. on the way back, however, the storms in kansas were way too big of a deal to drive through. we saw the craziest lightening ever and threatening storm warnings were all over the radio. we stopped at a few hotels which were all booked and were told that all of the hotels were filled up until we found ONE room left in this crappy motel!
i was so thankful that we could get off the road but it was kind of a bummer having to shell out money for one bed in a smoky scented room only to stay up super late watching for tornadoes.
( ok, i was the only one staying awake, but seriously how could i sleep? )
// i love the colors of this truck wash in salina, ks. this is at my favorite  little stop on the drive - we have good memories here from our many road trips. :)targetroadtripjunegas station break! // stocking up at target for essentials when we got home.rockymountainsparkjuneour first visit to the big playground near our house this season. i love taking my kids to the park and getting this view! living here is awesome.  fortcollinsblogjunewe have been taking lots of neighborhood walks! also, we found a nice free stroller on the side of the road which has been a nice addition since we didn't bring ours out to colorado when we moved.
quick story: we had this stroller sitting outside of our condo one day and it disappeared. turns out that our neighbor took it thinking we were "getting rid of it" for some reason. still not sure of the logic behind that, but he returned it after thoroughly cleaning it so i guess we win in the end!
 // little boys checking the mail.fakidsreviewjuneplaying on the balcony one evening. both of my boys love dressing up, they are so much fun! they've been... dare i say playing together a little better lately??
// roman's new FabKids outfit came in the mail! always a happy day when that happens. :)
(affiliate link used)coloradomountainsjun i definitely missed these mountains while we were away. these are the foothills behind our house at sunset. i have never actually been homesick for a place until i moved here.
love, love, love colorado. <3 <3
( photos from instagram: are you following me?? @bygillianclaire )
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brothers // style.

IMG_9460FabKids sent these matching outfits for my boys in April and I'm finally getting around to sharing these photos with you all! If you aren't familiar with FabKids yet, they are an awesome new subscription clothing company for kids! We have truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with this fun brand; my boys love picking new outfits each month!
     One of our favorite places to walk near our house turned out to be PERFECT for this shoot because it is so lush right now. Unfortunately, lush brings mosquitoes like crazy out here and we were fighting through swarms of them to quickly get these photos!
     I'll let the pictures speak for themselves this time, but if you'd like to learn more about FabKids, check out their site: here!
You can also see my boys looking adorable in their other FabKids outfits here + here!

IMG_9472IMG_9469IMG_9468IMG_9461IMG_9473IMG_9420-2IMG_9422-3IMG_9446IMG_9519-2IMG_9516-2IMG_9508-2IMG_9488-2IMG_9527-2*FabKids provided me with the clothing featured in this post in exchange for these photographs + this review. 
This post also includes affiliate links. Thank you so much for supporting my family and providing us with these fun opportunities! We truly appreciate it!*


sometimes i catch you in a moment of stillness and it is one of my favorite things in the world.
usually your mind and body are busy and fast, reckless and worried,
but many times you stop in gentle wonder and your sweetness fills me up.
like this evening, in indiana, where the flowers and the fence, the light and the still quiet world
were all just absolutely perfect.
and i'm certain that the only things that really existed then
were you and i, daisies and soft sunshine, your skinny little legs and soft blonde curls,
country roads and pebble roads,
peace and love for miles around...
i love these little moments; pockets of beauty in otherwise draining days.
it's nice to stop sometimes,
 and watch you shine.
shine on, little one, shine on.

"Shine" is the June writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Christina of Mouse in Your House. A few words from Christina --- At Mouse In Your House, I’m bringing you stories about being a working mom, quirky family lifestyle trends, frugal living, DIY ideas and the talented people who make life something amazing. I hate getting bored and occasionally use Mouse In Your House to ask people very personal questions that I would, otherwise, never get away with. My goal is to find chicks and gents doing something cool and inspiring, which could lead to a feature about a family who took the year off to travel the world one day and the next day's post could be all about how to dress a stylish toddler. To qualify for a feature, I need only go, holy moly that is frigging awesome....and you may even get a long set of questions for our next Q&A. That's the way I roll. And P.S. I LOVE budgeting and it has taken over our lives in the past. We recently graduated from living in a 400 square-foot apartment to a 1,400 square foot house in my beloved small town of Knoxville, Tennessee. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. /// The Mommy Blogger Collective /// Christina, Courteney, Dena, Erica, Erin, Gillian, Katie, Misty, Nicole, and RenĂ©e. ///


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