by gillian claire: jogger pants; yes please.



jogger pants; yes please.

     Hello friends, it's been a while! I wanted to pop in this Monday morning and share these pictures of my sweet 7 year old modeling the outfit that FabKids sent us recently! I am a huge fan of the jogger pants trend and can't get over how adorable they look on Roman! I'm also so pleased with how perfectly these pants fit because, as I've mentioned, finding pants to fit Roman's body type has been a real struggle this year! They will get us through the rest of the chilly days that may happen this spring. It's been super warm here in Colorado but we also had a snowstorm last week so you never know! Also, this color blue on him - sigh! It brings out his sparkly blue eyes. :)
     Cheers to a happy Monday! I'm itching to update my blog so hopefully I'll be able to put together a few posts this week. In the meantime, I'm loving being back on Instagram - you can find me here: @bygillianclaire! Leave a comment if you follow me so that I can follow you as well! <3
Be sure to check out FabKids for yourself! 
Use my link to get 20% off your first outfit with free shipping!

( Roman's faces here - hah! )
outfit: c/o FabKids, shoes $3 Old Navy clearance (score!)

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  1. Yes! That color blue is perfect on that handsome little dude. And I too love the jogger pants.


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