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stopping in.

hey everyone!
i'm on another little forced blogging hiatus. my awfully frustrating computer that i've been hating on for a while has been sent away for a new hard drive!
there is something about not having a computer that makes me feel filled with artistic inspiration. now that i don't have a computer handy to edit with, all of a sudden all I want to do is go out and take photos: of my boys in the dandelions, of the blooming pink and white flowers, of everything. i know that that they coincide. because without photoshop and lightroom, without scrolling trough hundreds of photos and choosing and perfecting - photography reverts back to just me and my camera - the sun and my boys, and that's the stuff i love. the technical aspects are necessary as well because i also fall in love with the finished product, but regardless these breaks are necessary and nice. they give my neck a break from my big ol' camera and they give my mind a break and a chance to breathe in some inspiration.
at least i have this little ipod, which i'm writing this post with! these springtime photos were already      uploaded to flickr and saved as a draft. i'm not exactly sure when my computer will be finished and we're also heading out across the country again soon for a couple of weeks so it might stay pretty quiet here. in the meantime, catch up with me on instagram @bygillianclaire or leave me a comment or heck write me an email:!
love, gillian192sharp240196

FabKids { May Outfit }

Untitled-1      I'm here to share another fabulous FabKids outfit with you guys today! In case you missed my first FabKids post, let me give you a little background info! FabKids is an outfit club offering parents and children the chance to choose from a selection of affordable and unique outfits each month. 
     If you check out their site, FabKids will ask you to take a style profile quiz for your child and then suggest personalized outfits based on the results. From there you have the option to make a purchase, become a member or just browse the site! Clothing is currently available for boys and girls sizes 2-12 and each outfit includes 2 pieces for $29.95.
     Also, FabKids is currently offering new members their first outfit at only $15 with free shipping!

      I have always been a little bit obsessed with the subscription company craze out there right now and FabKids is the first one that I've actually tried. It is seriously so fun to see the new selections that come out each month and choose outfits! The clothing from FabKids is super unique and it's given me a chance to branch out and try looks for my kiddos that I might not naturally pick out at the store. To top it off, my boys LOVE their FabKids stuff! The clothes are comfy, fun and colorful - perfect for my little boys.
     For our May pick, I chose the Colorblock Stripes Outfit for Roman because, well duh - the colorblock knit shorts. They are adorable! I really love how they look with the black and white stripes, it's a combination that I would never have thought to try but it is super cute!
038-3078074     .
Check out the FabKids site and take a look at the outfits that they select for your child! 
You can see last month's FabKids post here.
*FabKids provided me with the clothing featured in this post in exchange for these photographs + this review. This post also includes affiliate links. Thank you so much for reading along and supporting my family and providing us with these fun opportunities! We truly appreciate it!*
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 ...  bloom  ...

"Bloom" is the May writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Misty of Momista Beginnings. A few words from Misty --- I'm Misty, the southern California blogger behind Momista Beginnings. I began this blog while pregnant with Mia over two years ago to create a space for mamas out there to connect with their inner "momista." According to me, a momista is a devout follower and lover of motherhood who takes her role to the next level. She uses her strengths to create the best childhood for her kids through activities, traditions, adventures, exploration and experiences. My blog aims to inspire all of this. Other bits of me make up my blog as well, like my passion for photography, art, crafts, my love for baking and cooking and family updates. I'm an ex art teacher of over 10 years and my art projects for kids make appearances from time to time, too. You can also find me on Bloglovin', Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at my photography website and its Facebook page! /// The Mommy Blogger Collective /// Christina, Courteney, Dena, Erica, Erin, Gillian, Katie, Misty, Nicole, and Renée. ///

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mother's day.

149157159-2 (my dress: c/o matilda jane)
i love these dreamy pictures of my biggest boy and i spinning in the trees in front of the mountains
and i thought today was a perfect day to share them.
i love when unrealistic photos capture things that are absolutely real.
i mean these photos are staged; this photoshoot was planned and posed.
but somewhere deep inside my heart, this is exactly how i feel about my love for these little boys.
it's all fields and soft light and flowy gorgeous twirly magic.
we're just spinning and spinning in super slow motion love.
so yeah, it's not always expensive dresses with cowgirl boots + a little boy wearing his nicest flannel.
that is a little bit premeditated and maybe slightly pretend.
but these feelings are real and run deep
and i'm happy to capture them this way.
happy mother's day, mommas!
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(just some happy photos i snapped yesterday of my wild, wild one and myself yesterday.)
oh hey, i'm back!
     unfortunately, i had to take a 2 week trip back to ohio because my father passed away pretty unexpectedly. he was struggling with some health issues but no one really expected it to end this soon or this quickly. i probably don't really need to explain that it's been a really crappy,
emotionally exhausting, crazy/intense/powerful couple of weeks. 
     after all the work that my middle sister (we also have a 12 year old sister) and i along with other family members poured into planning and sorting and preparing things to celebrate and organize my dad's life, i am kind of feeling a little bit in a denial. although it has in many ways, i don't think that my dad's death has really truly hit me yet. and honestly, i'm not sure that it ever completely will. 
     i don't think i'll ever stop waiting for a million voicemails or a text. or stop expecting to see him at christmas or call on my birthday. it may not ever really start making sense. how someone can be here one day and just completely gone the next. it's a lot to sort through.
    the little boys and i got back to colorado yesterday and for now, it's back to real life.
because life just keeps on going on regardless.
     happy friday everyone.
thanks to all of you who have reached out to me with condolences. :)

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$150 giveaway!

hey everyone! i'm on a little blogging break but i'm here today with a giveaway that i'm participating in via erica's blog
be sure to check out the blogs of some of these awesome ladies who are participating!
good luck!!

True Colours
The Phuket Family
Tales of a Young Mama
Momista Beginnings
Comes in Colours
Enjoy Essential
Rachel Boulevard
Foreign Geek
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This giveaway is open to anyone with a PayPal account (this is how the money will be sent).
The winning entry will be verified.
The winner will chosen on Mother's Day (May 11th) and be notified via e-mail.
If the winner doesn't respond within three days a new winner will be chosen.
Good luck!

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