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Little Boy Style / Christmas Tee Edition!

I'm so excited to share some fun little boy Christmas tees with you today! Asher is still just barely in that "baby boy" phase and I'm enjoying every minute of dressing him in adorable holiday shirts this year while I still can!

*This post is in collaboration with Nano and includes affiliate links. I only partner with companies that I truly love! Thanks for supporting my family by reading along.*


I shared a post featuring Nano this past summer and we are still loving the clothing that they sent! Their shirts are great quality and have held up beautifully through many washings. (If you have boys, you know how many washings I mean!) I love that Nano offers jogger pants because that is all Asher wears in the colder months and he was in need of a couple new pairs. Nano clothing is made with durability in mind and is manufactured in the USA!


How cute are these blue camo joggers?


Ash is smitten with this Gingerbread Cookies Christmas tee and already has plans to wear it to his 1st Grade "gingerbread party" on Wednesday!

(My mama heart is swooning over these photos!)


This shirt could not be more perfect for my dinosaur loving boy! Asher has always loved the "T-Rex" so I knew he had to have this shirt. I chose some plain grey joggers to go with this tee; he will get lots of use out of these!


Clothing Featured in this Post:

c/o Nano:
Gingerbread Cookies Tee
Blue Camo Joggers
Santa + T-Rex Tee
Grey Joggers
Cat + Jack from Target Velco Shoes

I hope you enjoyed these new outfits from Nano as much as we do! Boy mamas, you must check out this shop because their cute + comfy clothes are just perfect for little boys! 
Do you like to get Holiday themed shirts for your kiddos?

Affordable Hair Care for the Whole Family!


Well, I've come across a really cool hair care brand that I want to share with you and you'll never believe where I found it... WalMart!


I love finding products that the whole family can use! Since we live in a tiny condo, saving space is always a priority! Like their name says, Everyone products can be used by everyone in the family and the best part is that they are paraben and sulfate free! 
Everyone™ is made by EO Products, a family-owned body care manufacturer founded in 1995. Everyone™ believes people shouldn’t have to choose between a product they can afford and a product that’s good for them and their family.

I purchased the Everyone Balance Shampoo + Conditioner to try out. I'm really picky about what I use on my hair since it's bleached and color treated. It's imperative that I use sulfate free products to keep my color which can be really hard to find at an affordable price! These 20oz bottles were only $9.97 each- not bad!

_MG_1575 _MG_1578 

I love that Everyone™ products use organic ingredients and also pure essential oils for an aromatherapeutic shower experience! I chose the Balance Shampoo + Conditioner hoping that it would make my hair a little more "smooth and shiny". These products smelled heavenly and I'm really happy with my results.


I love that the whole family can benefit from my new Everyone hair care products! I'm a complete hair snob and will of course keep using some of my higher end products on my blonde hair but I love that I have found something affordable, sulfate free and nontoxic to add into my rotation!


Holiday Gift Guide: Outside the Box Ideas for Men!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. Product was provided by the client for review; however, all opinions are mine alone. #WorldsSmartestToothbrush #PhilipsSonicare #OprahsFavoriteThings #CollectiveBias

_MG_1419-4Unique Gift Ideas for Men By Gillian Claire

I'm really excited to have put together a little gift guide for men this year on my blog! I feel like it can be really hard to shop for men this time of year without being bombarded with the usual "alcohol and sports" ideas. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm totally married to a sports guy and there is nothing wrong with beer or sports but come on, our guys deserve more that just that, right? I tried to give you a little outline of ideas here if you're looking for some direction when shopping for the men in your life!


// Something "Artsy" //

I love this "300 Writing Prompts" journal that I found- such a fun idea for a guy who likes to write! Other artsy ideas are music, a cool piece of art or tickets to a show!

// Something Trendy //

My husband is pretty trendy and stylish. Of course, a wallet is not a new idea by any means but hey, it's a staple of life for most guys! I think this cool canvas green wallet is super unique and cute! 

(You can shop this image by clicking above!)

// Something Electronic //

Electronics are something I usually see geared towards men's gift giving during the holidays but I tried to think outside the box! The Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9500 Rechargeable Toothbrush was named one of Oprah’s Favorite things in 2017, and I had the chance to try a DiamondClean Smart for myself. I have been an Oprah fan for years and love using her Favorite Things List to help me think of gift ideas for the holidays!

This year I have discovered the amazing benefits of using an electric toothbrush! I don't think I can ever go back to using a traditional one and this Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300 Rechargeable Toothbrush from Amazon is way better than what been using from the drugstore! Philips Sonicare is the number 1 Dental Professional recommended brand and this is their "best ever toothbrush for complete oral care". It has 4 modes and 3 intensities to help you focus on your whole mouth, teeth, gums and tongue. Additionally, you can connect with the Sonicare app to get real-time feedback and personalized coaching on your oral health! I'm pretty blown away by this technology!


// Something to Eat //

A way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? I thought this little popcorn set was such a neat gift idea! Get your guy some fun snacks or maybe cooking classes for the two of you to take together. In my house, it's my husband who does all the cooking so I honestly think he'd even love a cookbook! 


// Something Cute //

Girls aren't the only ones who need a sweet gesture! I think this, "I Love You a Latte" mug is just manly enough but still a super sweet way to show you care. 


// Something Sweet //

It's weird to me that chocolates are always thought of as a feminine gift because men have a sweet tooth too! I decided to incorporate that all encompassing, "dudes love alcohol," idea here with these Caramel Rum Truffles! (Yum!) Other "sweet" ideas could be a tin of cookies or a gift basket full of your guy's favorite candies and treats!

I hope that my gift guide gave you a few ideas for the guys on your Christmas list this year! Do you also get frustrating looking for gifts for men or is it just me?

Happy Shopping!

Give the Gift of Ancestry with a DNA Kit!

*This post is sponsored by on behalf of 23andMe.*

If you're anything like me, purchasing gifts for family members can be a little overwhelming! I always think that my sisters and my sons are easy to shop for but there are some family members, such as my mom and my husband that I find more difficult. It can be so hard to think of unique gift ideas for family members year after year!

I was really excited when 23andMe reached out to see if I would like to share their DNA Ancestry Service on my blog as a unique gift option for the holidays! I have been hearing more and more about these ancestry kits lately and I think this would make such a perfect and memorable gift for family members who are hard to shop for! 

Not only does this make a fun and personal gift; it's something that the whole family can share in together to find out more of who they are and where they come from!


These kits are super easy to use and come with step by step instructions. It's as easy as registering the kit online, sending in a saliva sample, (packaging included!) and then receiving an online report in 6-8 weeks of your results!

23andMe offers two different Personal Genetic Services: their Ancestry Service (shown in this post) as well as their Health + Ancestry Service. The Health + Ancestry Service provides insights on your genetic ancestry, traits, health and more. 23andMe analyzes the information extracted from your DNA into 75+ reports that can be accessed online and then shared with family and friends!


I'm gifting my 23andMe Ancestry Service to my husband, Aaron, this year and I can't wait to see how much he enjoys learning more about his family history and sharing with his siblings and parents! This would be such a great gift for a spouse, parent or grandparent and something that I think your family will be talking about for years to come!

23andMe has special holiday offers going on between now and December 26th. 

Happy Birthday to Roman: My TEN Year Old!

Can you even believe this tiny baby is TEN today? My heart can barely take it. It's gone by in a blink but at the same time it seems like an entire lifetime ago that I was 21 years old meeting my precious purple baby at 3:01 am on a cold winter Cincinnati night.
This boy, my Roman, made me a mother 10 years ago. I always, always wanted to be a mom and Roman made all those years of playing with Cabbage Patch babies come to life for me. Roman's baby years were a dream, we spent almost every moment together and he became my entire world. 
Ten years later, and Roman is still a dream of a child. He's good natured, kind, loving, compassionate and sentimental. He's sarcastic as hell (thanks to his parents) and definitely has a fly off the handle temper. He is the most passionate child I've ever seen and spends hours and hours practicing his sports moves in the living room.
This has been one of the hardest years of Roman's life because one of his best friends was tragically killed in a place crash in September. I've had to watch this sweet, innocent boy venture into those dark places of life that you hope your child will never have to know. It's been hard but he's pushing through; we're pushing through together. The morning we found out he had passed, before I knew, I sensed a deep pressing feeling that I needed to be more for Roman. I had no idea that we would later find out Benny had died but now I know that they were related. That's what I've tried to do since that day, be more for this boy. We've done more arts and crafts and we got a pet cat that we adore. I've spent nights talking and crying with Roman about death and life. 
10 years of motherhood and I'm still figuring it all out. It's a lot harder now than it was in those easier and simpler, sweet baby days. If I could give any wisdom and mothering advice after doing it for ten years, it would be: 

Laugh with your kids and allow them to bring out the child in you. 

Have dance parties and let them jump on the beds. 

Don't ever hold too tightly to your "parenting type" because I guarantee your views will ebb and flow.

Most importantly, tell your kids you love them everyday. Tell them multiple times a day. You can't ever tell someone you love them too much.
Happy TENTH birthday Roman! I love you, moon....

flashback ;)

fish face.

sweetie-pie.4.27.pursuits of a five year old.pursuits of a five year old.IMG_2079




Holiday Gift Guide: For Hippie Mamas!

I'm so excited to share this holiday gift guide all about present ideas for the "Hippie Mama!" Some of the stores I've included are: Target, Kohls, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and even some awesome small shops! I hope you enjoy. :) 

*This post contains affiliate links*
Hippie Mama Gift Guide Holidays By Gillian Claire

1 // Soaking Salts

I'm a sucker for anything that says "detox" to be honest! I love that this company, Herbivore Botanicals, was founded by a husband and wife in their kitchen. They use amazing raw ingredients in their products!

2 // Black Lava Rock Aromatherapy Necklace

The Knotted Nest is a mama-owned small shop located near me in Denver, Colorado! I love this Lava Rock Aromatherapy necklace. It works as a diffuser with essential oils; how perfect for a stressed mom? This shop has many beautiful items and they donate a portion of their proceeds to families in the process of adoption!

3 // Trinket Moon Dish Set

I love, love, love anything moon themed and how adorable is this little gift set? It comes with 3 pairs of earrings and would make a perfect stocking stuffer for any Hippie Mama!

4 // Macrame Wall Hanging

Every hippie needs a wall hanging and how beautiful are the colors in this one? It comes from another mama-owned small shop: Krafting with Krissy. She also makes adorable matching mommy and me knit hats!

5 // Mountain Peak Necklace

I have wanted a necklace like this forever! This one from Shein is super inexpensive and it's perfect for a mountain dwelling mama like myself!

6 // Good Vibes Only Sweatshirt

I just saw this sweatshirt when I was at Target the other day and fell in love! Bonus: it's made of super soft material!

7 // Custom Dyed Dress from Sugs' Shoppe

I have followed Tami on Instagram for years and she recently started designing beautiful clothing! I love these dresses and they make me feel like I want to be frolicking in a field of flowers in the summertime!

8 // Velvet Hair Scrunchies

How adorable are these scrunchies from Urban Outfitters? I love that scrunchies are making a come back; it fills my 90s-girl heart

9 // Starry Night Incense Set

I kind of want to buy this incense set from Anthropologie just for the beautiful packaging!

10 // Color-changing Himalayan Salt Lamp

Ok, this is one of the number one things on my Christmas list! I am so intrigued by the idea of salt lamps and this color-changing one is from Kohl's! We just painted our bedroom and I am trying to create a more "retreat" type feel in there for myself. 
Don't you think this would be the perfect addition?

11 // Macrame Wall Hanging 

Oh hey, another gorgeous macrame wall hanging! This one is from the Etsy shop; The Serenity Road. I love the way Kimberly incorporates color into her pieces; they are stunning!

12 // Pacifica Gift Set

You guys know how much I love beauty products and Pacifica is a favorite because they make clean beauty products! Also, their packaging is just always perfection...

Did you see anything that's on your list? Or perhaps find something to add? 
Happy Holidays, Hippie Mamas!

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