by gillian claire: September 2011



life right now.

we started roman's first year of homeschool preschool. it has been hectic, but special to see him learn and grow. asher is in love with his "busy bees". he cracks us up as he lays under them and smiles away. he also likes his animal mobile now, but not as much as the bees of course.
 roman loves to makes us "presents" which consist of various set ups of his toys placed somewhere in the house for us to admire. i love having little boys. i'm always saying that to aaron. when i was first pregnant with roman, i couldn't imagine having a boy. now, i can't imagine it any other way.

we've spent the end of our summer taking lots of drives out to the country and painting at our new house. there she is, complete with massive bushes and a crooked little address post.


asher with his great-grandma, "namaw".

eight weeks.

cute little eight week old asher
in his "monster suit"
so sweet,
so tiny,
so perfect.
i love this second picture with his hand stretched out by his face.
his teeny newborn fists are starting to unwrap, and become real hands.
those long fingers reaching out, ready to explore his little world.

oh, roman.

the past few weeks, roman seems to have more peacefully settled into his new role as a brother. we have been spending a lot of time painting at the new house, and also started his homeschool preschool. so i'm not sure if the distraction has helped or if he has just fallen into a new phase as children do.
either way, it's been nice to see this boy smile.

everything about this little guy has been killing me with cuteness lately. he loves super heroes and spends hours upon hours telling stories about his hero-ness.
he is super excited for halloween. this boy was BORN for halloween. he loves dress up, he loves pretend, he loves "spooky things". he has the most vivid imagination i've ever seen.

i so love getting to see the amazing personality that God created in this boy. he sure is special.

seven weeks.

well, asher is actually eights weeks old today, but i never posted his seven week pictures. and since they are so cute, i still must post them. :)
goodness, ash is such a dream. this week i've enjoyed him as much as ever. i am really appreciating these moments of having a newborn, because i know how fleetingly they will pass.
i love having a newborn around.
 i love everything about it.
i love looking at asher and telling him how much i love him, and seeing him respond with a burst of smiles. he has definately fallen in love with his little family. he recognizes aaron and i, and he simply adores his big brother.
he loves to suck on his hands, and everything in sight for that matter.
i caught him sucking his thumb the other night,
probably the most precious thing i've ever seen.
those chubby little cheeks and his first finger wrapped around his nose.
he still has that same sweet little face as the day he was born, just rounder. :)

belly photos.

So, during my pregnancy, I really tried to do the once a week photo in the front of the mirror thing. Dreaming of a collage like THIS. I've finally put it together. And yes, I missed out on a few weeks here and there, especially towards the end when I tried to have more REAL pictures of me taken. I'll have to post some of those another time also. During my pregnancy, I was really obsessed with other people's belly photos, so I'm happy to finally have so many of my own!

Asher was born two days after that last picture. :)
And, here we are seven weeks later after our walk last night! (Asher in the moby wrap.)

first photoshoot.

asher michael's first photoshoot,
nine days old.

six weeks.

these photos were taken on friday, asher's six week birthday.
every friday i get so sentimental about asher's birth. will i do this the rest of my life?
no, probably not. i don't think about roman's birth every thursday.
but for now, asher's birth is still taking over every corner in my mind.
he's six weeks old!
i love his mohawk, and when he talks to me while he smiles.
he loves when i sing "beautiful one" to him.
he kicks those little legs like crazy.
he spends many hours nursing and cuddling.
mmm, baby days.
on a different note, i am now technically out of my "postpartum period". which is funny to think of.
six weeks - BAM you're done. as if a mind and body can really be over the massiveness of BIRTH in six weeks. yikes.

happy six weeks "little dashing one".

big brother.

it's been so tough watching roman go through the transition to becoming a big brother.  i actually didn't expect that it would be this hard. i thought i did everything right during my pregnancy. we involved roman every step of the way. we talked about our baby constantly. hours of conversation were shared between roman and my belly. but the past month and a half, roman has struggled a lot with the change. there has been much anger and acting out on his part.
i break inside thinking of roman now having to share his two best friends, aaron and i. having to grow up. learning to be more self-sufficient. all the while watching this little creature snuggle in HIS mama's arms. where just last year he still layed in to nurse. i know this is the way life goes. but it's too much for my heart to take thinking of these things.
i know roman will grow out of this stage. and soon he will be over the moon happy to have his own walking and talking little friend.
but oh to see his struggle, it's hard. and likewise it's hard for me; figuring out how to break my heart in two. to find enough of myself to give equally to these two little wonders God has given to me.


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