by gillian claire: oh, roman.



oh, roman.

the past few weeks, roman seems to have more peacefully settled into his new role as a brother. we have been spending a lot of time painting at the new house, and also started his homeschool preschool. so i'm not sure if the distraction has helped or if he has just fallen into a new phase as children do.
either way, it's been nice to see this boy smile.

everything about this little guy has been killing me with cuteness lately. he loves super heroes and spends hours upon hours telling stories about his hero-ness.
he is super excited for halloween. this boy was BORN for halloween. he loves dress up, he loves pretend, he loves "spooky things". he has the most vivid imagination i've ever seen.

i so love getting to see the amazing personality that God created in this boy. he sure is special.

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