by gillian claire: July 2011



meet asher.

asher <3
born july 22 at 6:11 p.m.
7 pounds 12.5 ounces and 21 inches long
i couldn't beleive he was so small, exactly two pounds less than his brother!
after a wonderful natural childbirth, asher spent a long week in the special care nursery. he had decided to start breathing right before he was born, and aspirated amniotic fluid.
we are so happy to finally be home,
and finally all be back together again
as a new family of four :)


at the farm.

went out to logan's farm for photos! logan is my little sister-in-law maggie's best friend.
it was so nice out there, horses, many dogs, pretty sun, and lots of pictures.
hope to go back sometime soon. :)

due date.

well, yesterday has come and gone. my "due date". such pressure surrounding that day, and such pressure i've felt, feeling like the countdown is on.

my midwife appointment today was very emotional, but ultimately refreshing. i finally felt like i really got what i wanted when i decided to switch to midwifery care for this pregnancy. we spent a lot of time talking about my feelings about this birth. and about my decisions on how to handle this last stretch of pregnancy.

afterwards, i had a nice long hour drive home through the countryside with my husband and son. i drank my mcdonalds coffee while unloading a lot of emotions to my husband that have been building up as this birth approaches me.

right now, i feel good. i feel much more peaceful. i feel content with the decisions i've made, to deliver with midwives, an hour away. i feel blessed to have had a good discussion with my husband and to have his love. i feel good about my decisions. oh, and i finally got my aden + anais swaddling blankets that my mom bought me in the mail :) so yeah, it's a good day.
july 20
my due date.)

my two boys.

this is one of my favorite pregnancy pictures, taken by my husband when i was 33 weeks pregnant. here i am six weeks later, awaiting baby's due date with much anticipation. it's crazy to me that at any moment - everything will change. i'm having a lot of cramping, a lot of contractions. things are moving along, but i still wake up every morning with a sleeping baby tucked inside. things seem so peaceful now, one boy on the outside running around with all my attention showered over him. his brother, just a big round basketball on mommy's tummy. soon there will be two, and everything will be so so different.
and so perfect. :)


oh to be three again.

nine months.

i've finally made it to july. my due date is less than two weeks away, and it definately feels very surreal. i don't feel that desperation that i remember feeling at this point in my pregnancy with roman, after nine weary and blurry months of hyperemesis hell. now that i'm here, nine months, i'm just left looking at this belly of mine in wonder, wondering how this time in my life snuck up on me.

labor is definately making it's way to me, i feel my body preparing itself in many ways. i just can't wrap my mind around the fact that any day now could be the day that brings me that moment of finally looking into the eyes of this tiny beauty hiding inside me.

last night was filled with strange dreams about fighting giant chameleons and tearing my way out of netted elevators in the jungle. my husband says it represents the challenge of birth that is ahead of me. i guess it really IS going to happen, whether it feels real to me or not.

meet roman.

my roman,
who usually isn't very easy to take photos of anymore
so i trick him,
 by taking him on "adventures" to new places
he had so much fun exploring
and i was happy to capture a little bit of this special boy
during his last few weeks of being my only.

hello blog.

i finally did it ;)


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