by gillian claire: April 2012




mornings at our house :)

pink wall, cute shirts, cute boys.

i can remember loving to photograph roman at this age,
it's so fun to just snap away and enjoy every little moment of their babyhood.
oh and yes, i do remember that i have a four year old.
and i love him just as dearly, he just isn't nearly as easy to photograph ;)
before his haircut :)
well, his haircut disaster that ended in one strip right down the middle that is shorter than the rest...

Happy Easter!

ok, one more photo.
this one was too precious and springy not to share right before Easter :)

i have so many photos to share!
time is going by too quickly, and quickly my computer has filled up with photos - literally. 
i can't believe i have an eight month old, a super smiley blonde boy whose greatest joy in life is standing and smiling and waving his hands up and down. 
i can't believe i have a four year old, who is starting to look a little like a five year old, who plays on a t-ball team and never stops talking and questioning everything he sees. 

someday, i'll get around to sharing all these photos of my life.
for now, here's a little spring beauty from my new camera :)

Happy Easter!!


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