by gillian claire: January 2012



while trying to upload photos on photoshop i stumbled upon how to use my computer's camera!
yes! i was super excited...
i love the progression of roman's face in these, hah!
and asher is just eyeing the keyboard waiting for a chance to bang on it :)

my boys.

i found this photo last night while i was going through a bunch of old photos on my computer. it was taken when asher was 7 weeks old. we were spending the evening at our new house before we moved in so that aaron could work on painting. it is so fun to watch these boys grow as brothers. i love it. i love how ever since asher began in my womb - he has been roman's brother. it's part of his identidy. to asher, having roman as a brother will be huge in shaping him as a person. asher ADORES his brother. it is precious to see his face light up when roman first wakes up in the morning. i love how roman says, "it's time for cuddles!" or, "it's broth (as in brother ) play time!" roman tends to get a little too rough with ash, but the funny thing is - asher loves it! i can just see them rough housing and running around like crazy together. asher reminds me so much of roman as a baby. he is determined and active. this little boy is just dying to crawl. he wishes to so badly. gosh, two boys is so much fun! i look forward to every part of raising them together. i always tell my boys how God knew i wanted two little boys - and that is the truth.
( asher reaching out for his best friend. )

baby love. {part 2}

just some more photos of my
(adorable, curious, perfect - if i do say so myself)
five month old baby.

homeschooling thoughts.

(washing shells)

i officially started doing preschool at home with roman this past fall. so far he LOVES it, and asks each morning, "do we have school today?"

on the last day that i did school with him before our decided Christmas break, he was so bummed. i, however, was very excited to be off the hook! i was starting to feel throroughly overwhelmed and inadequete as a homeschooling mama. as much as i try to set aside time to plan, i never spend nearly enough time doing it. although i have a million ideas swirling around in my head, i feel too overwhelmed by all the choices in front of me.

i decided that over Christmas break, i would really sit down and take some time to PLAN and ORGANIZE. i was going to pick up that huge box of preschool books from my mom, i was going to spend hours making lesson plans and schedules.

did i do that? no. the box is still at my moms. i spent hours editing photos in my holiday free time instead.

some moments i start thinking, "maybe roman would be better off in a REAL preschool." then i realize, wait, what he heck is so REAL about preschool that isn't REAL about being at home? having worked in daycare/preschools, i saw that those teachers are figuring it our on their own also. they are bombarded with a million choices, and have to come up with lessons on their own too. they make changes as time goes on. they find things that work, and things that don't. they have children who won't sit still, who are bored, who don't like the activity that they've planned. there are good days and bad days in REAL preschool too.

so, we've started school back up again. i am pretty satisfied with our first two days back.  i am still NOT happy with how little time i spend planning.  that is something i need to work on. luckily i'm really good at coming up with activities quickly, all those daycare and sunday school teaching days paid off!
however, i want roman to have the BEST i can offer him. which is defiately better than what i've been shelling out lately.

however, he loves to read and write. he is learning his letter sounds. and this morning, even though he is sick with the flu, he asked, "do we have school today?" so it's not all bad, right? :)

dear roman.

dear roman,
please stay four forever.
love, mama

baby love.

baby face
baby feet
baby, baby love.
{asher michael}
five and a half months.
these are part of my attempt to take ashey's photos each month on one of two similar sheets that i have. i missed month four. i planned to take roman's monthly baby photos on a cream colored sheet but only got to month two:) i have so many photos from this day that i love, i think i'll have to post more another day...


pictures roman took.

real life conversation between roman and i:
me, "roman, do you want to be a photographer when you grow up?"
roman, "i AM a photographer."

there is something super special about photos that your four year old takes,
uninhibited and unplanned.
he isn't trying for any style, he isn't influenced by any photographers.
he just takes pictures exactly how he wants to and he loves it.
inspiring, no?

thanks for capturing these memories rome :)



sick sick sick days of pregnancy.
my dream of having two little boys coming true.
a beautiful birth, a frighteningly long week at the hospital.
special moments at special places with aaron, my best friend of 11 years, my husband for 5.
moving to the country.
roman weaning at 3 years and 2 months, playing with his babies, talking to my tummy,
picking flowers for mama, becoming a brother, wanting to be just like dada – his “buddy”,
 becoming an artist, loving homeschool.
babywearing + breastfeeding.
growing asher, then watching asher grow.
(i'm pretty sure this is the ONLY photo i have of us as a whole family!)


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