by gillian claire: May 2012



country baby.

ahh those faces kill me! those teeth!
i hoped to get photos of both boys the other day, but roman wasn't feeling it. 
these were shot out in our backyard in the corn fields.
there are some little patches of grass out there, and the corn is popping up now! i didn't even notice until i was out there tromping through the field and realized i was stepping on the little sprouts... oops.
asher's little twiggy legs are super strong now and he loves to stand. 
he took his first step during roman's last tball game on wednesday :)
mmm baby love.

ten month day.

happy ten months ash.
your ten month day was filled with smiles and playing and doing a rediculous new laugh that you taught yourself on the spot. you make us all smile. your big toothy grin kills me. you are just a bundle of sunshine and joy. 
you love to say uh-oh and say yay while clapping :)
ten months! eek. 
this goes by so much faster the second time. 
asheyboo, i love your wispy blonde hair, i love how cuddly and close you are to me. 
i love how you love me so purely, 
thank you.
(photos and writing from yesterday)


i love watching this relationship grow.
roman was under the impression last night that he would become asher's daddy when he grew up. :) i love that to roman, asher will always be his baby brother.


photos from last night, walking around town. 
loving summertime weather and family walks.
this is such a sweet photo of aaron holding asher.
and i caught some roman love before my camera died for the night :)
such a sweetheart. he spent most of our walk convincing us that he needs a wheelchair for walks because walking is too hard for his legs. hah!

i've been working on trying to catch up on my school work and also organizing tons of photos to print for my parents' birthdays. needless to say, i am failing miserably at both!

in the meantime, i just thought i'd share two absolutely adorable photos. well, in my opinion at least.
my little boys, playing at picnic tables, chubby baby hands.
how did i get so lucky?
roman, 2008

asher, 2012

also, i was featured here yesterday :) thanks rachael!

little moments.

eating a biscuit in the highchair.
all of a sudden my baby is looking a bit like a toddler to me.


my nine month old.

asher is now nine months old and counting. it occured to me as my family was walking through the mall the other day, that asher has been in our lives for over a year and a half now.  nine months with me and nine months out in the world. it's unreal. this little soul, who last year was stretching and kicking his little legs inside my tummy, is now nine months old, laying between his mama and dada on the bed kicking his little leg around just the same.

it cracks me up to see this little personality, this teeny person who was just as much who he is a year ago as he is now. we're just getting to know him. but he is already his own person, he IS asher. he is determined and rambunctious and curious and friendly and oh so, so sweet. he is beautifully and wonderfully made. he's our sunshine and our miracle. we love him so.


my four year old right now.

a few words about my four year old right now...

*he had his first tball game last week. he cried all the way around the bases on his first turn up to bat, and ran to me instead of running to home base :) we are so proud of him.

*he has plans to build a workshop. he is naming it "bill's art store", and he talks about it EVERYDAY. there is no boss, and the store also serves pizza.

*he loves to read, he loves to ask questions about EVERYTHING. he is so inquisitive and so eager to learn. he is always saying, "tell me what YOU think".

he recently went to the emergency room with a virus attacking his hip joint. he had an iv put in, which worried me so much. however, he now talks about going to the hospital was so fun!

*he loves his brother and says such endearing things that literally almost kill me with cuteness such as, "he came from a little flower" and, (talking to ash) "come here little egg!" asher and roman have conversations daily, with me talking as asher's voice. we have done this since i was pregnant with asher and it is so special and sweet.

*he loves to run and jump around the room fighting monsters or jumping from pillow to pillow pretending they are rocks in the water. he is so imaginative and thrives on just running around in the room with me. i love these moments. i love when my boys are just totally immersed in their own little learning worlds. those are the most special moments.

four years ago, roman was my little baby riding in the sling, climbing and exploring in our little one bedroom apartment. and now he is a preschooler with fascinating ideas about the world. the joy that this boy has brought to my life is immeasurable.
thank You God for this blessing.


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