by gillian claire: my nine month old.



my nine month old.

asher is now nine months old and counting. it occured to me as my family was walking through the mall the other day, that asher has been in our lives for over a year and a half now.  nine months with me and nine months out in the world. it's unreal. this little soul, who last year was stretching and kicking his little legs inside my tummy, is now nine months old, laying between his mama and dada on the bed kicking his little leg around just the same.

it cracks me up to see this little personality, this teeny person who was just as much who he is a year ago as he is now. we're just getting to know him. but he is already his own person, he IS asher. he is determined and rambunctious and curious and friendly and oh so, so sweet. he is beautifully and wonderfully made. he's our sunshine and our miracle. we love him so.

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  1. He just looks sweet. I cannot believe how fast they grow!


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