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Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday! I don't exactly know where the week went, or where March went for that matter! We've had some amazing warm weather recently but today it is rainy and cold in Colorado and I'm ready for Spring to reappear!
I love seeing what my other blogger friends are using and loving so here are my favorites right now in case you are nosey like me... :)

1. It makes way too much sense that my first thing on this list is sweatpants... I actually won these in  a contest on Instagram you guys and I was SO excited! I seriously never win anything but I entered this contest that Friday Faves was running and I got to pick out anything from their site when I won! Of course I picked these jogger sweatpants because I'm the most comfortable person alive... and they are soooo cute + perfectly comfy! Also, you won't believe this but after winning these, I received an email that I won some skincare products in another contest that I entered on a blog I follow! Just call me lucky-lucky.

2. Ok so in full disclosure, these products were sent to me for free from Influenster BUT I am not obligated to blog about them and I really, really love them! If you have read any of my skincare posts you know that my face has been struggling these past few years. I was really nervous to try out anything new on my skin because it feels like the slightest change puts my face into full breakout mode. I bit the bullet and tried these Ole Henriksen products though and they have really dried out (in a good way) my skin and given me a better complexion! I am completely swapping out my old skincare routine for this one. I'm still looking for the miracle skincare answer but this trio is a big step up from what I had going on!
3. No photo for this one BUT you guys, the show Jane the Virgin, where has this been all my life. This show never appealed to me but in my desperate-to-find-a-show panic one night I tried it and I'm hooked. Who else has watched it??

4. Oh hey, some more skincare! This is something I've been trying to incorporate more into my blog + I have been loving trying out some new products lately! Check out my recent "First Impressions Skincare" post  to see my thoughts on this OZNaturals Vitamin C Serum as well as a couple other new products.

5. When I'm not wearing sweatpants + workout tanks then I'm wearing graphic tees + leggings... ha! I love this "weekend i'm in love" tee from Target. I couldn't find the exact link but here's a similar one. (affilate link) So many cute shirts in the Target juniors section right now!
Well I'm off to try and re-laxxxxx on this dreary Friday. What are your weekend plans?


First Impression // New Skincare Products!

     *This post is in partnership with OZ Naturals & Imagine Dermatology. I only work with brands that I truly love! Thanks for reading along!*

     I'm back with another skincare post! I have really been loving  incorporating more beauty posts into my blog and I hope you are enjoying it as well! I've always been enamored by the idea of taking care of  + protecting my skin and love experimenting with different products. All of the products in this post were sent to me to try out and review and it was so fun to get my hands on a few new things that I hadn't heard of yet!
     I was really excited to receive this Vitamen C + AHA Facial Serum from OZNaturals. I did some stalking on the OZNaturals website and I absolutely loved learning about their philosophy for natural skincare. Their motto is "Natural Skincare that Truly Works." OZNaturals products are free from GMOs, sulfate, parabens, fragrances, phthalates + petro chemicals. 
     This Vitamin C Facial Serum boasts of two powerful ingredients: Vitamin C + Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). The combination of these ingredients is meant to fight against wrinkles while also working on brighter, more radiant skin.
     I have honestly never tried a serum so I was really excited to add this to my skincare routine. I love the packaging and the fact that this product comes in a glass dropper bottle. It has a very refreshing but subtle citrusy scent and putting this on makes me feel like I've just squeezed an orange right on my face and I love it! Maybe that sounds weird but it just feels very refreshing and natural... 
     Vitamin C is such a powerful natural skincare component and can even help prevent future damage to the skin by fighting against free radicals! I'm hooked on this serum and am planning to use it going into spring to help even out my skin tone and protect my skin as I start getting outside more.
     Imagine Dermatology reached out to me about their new skincare line and I was definitely intrigued since they claim to have branched off from a well-known skincare company. They sent me two products to try out: their Smoother Skin anti-aging renewal complex + their Instant Lifting wrinkle fighter. My philosophy on anti-aging products is that it is never too early to start using them if you want to keep your skin looking youthful! I remember reading this when I was a teenager somewhere and I would use the samples of eye cream that my Grandma would get for free at the department store beauty counters! :)
_MG_9322      Both of these Imagine Dermatology products oddly smell very similar to the OZNaturals serum - light and citrusy! I am really happy with these products and have been using them at night following my face cleansing routine. They feel nice and fresh and haven't irritated my skin. Both of these products contain hyaluronic acid which helps retain moisture in the skin and after a dry Colorado winter, my skin is loving this extra boost! 
     The Instant Lifting wrinkle fighter contains acmella olerecea extract, an ingredient that I've never heard of but claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in a method similar to Botox! Crazy, right? 
     I was also impressed that Imagine Dermatology products are paraben, phtalate and sulfate free and are not tested on animals!
Overall, I'm very happy with all of these products and am happy to have some new skincare products to put into my routine for Spring!
Which skincare products are you loving right now? I have just recently completely switched up my skin cleansing routine also and will share those products with you all soon!


Pi Day Celebration!

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Edwards Desserts, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

     I picked up my Edwards Pie at my local Safeway. There were several flavors to choose from but I thought that this Hershey's chocolate creme pie would be perfect for my little guys! 


     Asher and Roman were pretty psyched when I surprised them with the pie and told them we were having a little Pi Day celebration! Asher is a picky eater but he devoured two pieces and Roman even stayed in from playing with his friends to share a piece with us! You would never guess that this pie came from the frozen foods section; it is so good!

     I'd say that my Pi Day Piece Offering certainly did the trick. It was such a good feeling to take a moment to relax and enjoy myself with my sweet little boys.


     This definitely reminded me that I need to look for more opportunities to surprise my kids with something special. It doesn't take much to make peace and a little bit goes a long way!  

Are you celebrating Pi Day with your kids? Why not run to the store and grab an Edwards Pie and some cute paper plates and have a party of your own? Checkout the Edwards Desserts Facebook page for more inspiration!

Five on Friday

It's been a struggle for me to get around to blogging lately! I have had so much going on but I wanted to stop in and share 5 little bits + pieces with you all.

1. We have had some beautiful weather lately and I am loving it! The boys and I have been out and about this week, walking to the park and running errands and I can just feel the sun melting all sorts of bad moods around here. Although I'm sure that Colorado will have some more snowfalls before all is said and done, the sunshine is giving me hope that Spring is coming!

2.  I finally got my hair done! I went for a more ash-y blonde this time and I really like it! Now I just need to get my eyebrows done and I'll look like a normal person again...

3.  I recently shared this adorable little 90s style backpack from thredUP on Instagram. It's big enough to fit my big camera which I love because it's so much cuter and more convenient than a camera bag! I had so much fun partnering with thredUP and got a few other really cute things from their site. Have you guys tried thredUP? If you want to check them out, you can also use my link to get $10 off your first purchase! ($10 goes a long  way on their site!)

4. I attended a really fun Blogger event this week in Denver as part of a new group that I'm involved in. Our event was hosted by Lyfe Kitchen restaurant and they really treated us all like royalty! We had so much fun trying out all sorts of different dishes and I am seriously obsessed with this restaurant now. We also received these fun gift bags full of all kinds of goodies from local shops + businesses.

5. Tonight we are taking the boys and their friends to see Moana! I am looking forward to the peace and quiet + hopefully the movie is tolerable. I've heard good things but man is it hard for me to sit through kids' movies!

Happy Friday, everyone! What was the highlight of your week?


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