by gillian claire: six weeks.



six weeks.

these photos were taken on friday, asher's six week birthday.
every friday i get so sentimental about asher's birth. will i do this the rest of my life?
no, probably not. i don't think about roman's birth every thursday.
but for now, asher's birth is still taking over every corner in my mind.
he's six weeks old!
i love his mohawk, and when he talks to me while he smiles.
he loves when i sing "beautiful one" to him.
he kicks those little legs like crazy.
he spends many hours nursing and cuddling.
mmm, baby days.
on a different note, i am now technically out of my "postpartum period". which is funny to think of.
six weeks - BAM you're done. as if a mind and body can really be over the massiveness of BIRTH in six weeks. yikes.

happy six weeks "little dashing one".

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