by gillian claire: life right now.



life right now.

we started roman's first year of homeschool preschool. it has been hectic, but special to see him learn and grow. asher is in love with his "busy bees". he cracks us up as he lays under them and smiles away. he also likes his animal mobile now, but not as much as the bees of course.
 roman loves to makes us "presents" which consist of various set ups of his toys placed somewhere in the house for us to admire. i love having little boys. i'm always saying that to aaron. when i was first pregnant with roman, i couldn't imagine having a boy. now, i can't imagine it any other way.

we've spent the end of our summer taking lots of drives out to the country and painting at our new house. there she is, complete with massive bushes and a crooked little address post.

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