by gillian claire: seven weeks.



seven weeks.

well, asher is actually eights weeks old today, but i never posted his seven week pictures. and since they are so cute, i still must post them. :)
goodness, ash is such a dream. this week i've enjoyed him as much as ever. i am really appreciating these moments of having a newborn, because i know how fleetingly they will pass.
i love having a newborn around.
 i love everything about it.
i love looking at asher and telling him how much i love him, and seeing him respond with a burst of smiles. he has definately fallen in love with his little family. he recognizes aaron and i, and he simply adores his big brother.
he loves to suck on his hands, and everything in sight for that matter.
i caught him sucking his thumb the other night,
probably the most precious thing i've ever seen.
those chubby little cheeks and his first finger wrapped around his nose.
he still has that same sweet little face as the day he was born, just rounder. :)

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