by gillian claire: Little Boy Style / Christmas Tee Edition!



Little Boy Style / Christmas Tee Edition!

I'm so excited to share some fun little boy Christmas tees with you today! Asher is still just barely in that "baby boy" phase and I'm enjoying every minute of dressing him in adorable holiday shirts this year while I still can!

*This post is in collaboration with Nano and includes affiliate links. I only partner with companies that I truly love! Thanks for supporting my family by reading along.*


I shared a post featuring Nano this past summer and we are still loving the clothing that they sent! Their shirts are great quality and have held up beautifully through many washings. (If you have boys, you know how many washings I mean!) I love that Nano offers jogger pants because that is all Asher wears in the colder months and he was in need of a couple new pairs. Nano clothing is made with durability in mind and is manufactured in the USA!


How cute are these blue camo joggers?


Ash is smitten with this Gingerbread Cookies Christmas tee and already has plans to wear it to his 1st Grade "gingerbread party" on Wednesday!

(My mama heart is swooning over these photos!)


This shirt could not be more perfect for my dinosaur loving boy! Asher has always loved the "T-Rex" so I knew he had to have this shirt. I chose some plain grey joggers to go with this tee; he will get lots of use out of these!


Clothing Featured in this Post:

c/o Nano:
Gingerbread Cookies Tee
Blue Camo Joggers
Santa + T-Rex Tee
Grey Joggers
Cat + Jack from Target Velco Shoes

I hope you enjoyed these new outfits from Nano as much as we do! Boy mamas, you must check out this shop because their cute + comfy clothes are just perfect for little boys! 
Do you like to get Holiday themed shirts for your kiddos?


  1. These are the cuteeeest pictures ever and I love his outfits!

    1. Thank you! I'm so in love with these photos of him. :)

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