by gillian claire: portraits of ash.



portraits of ash.

IMG_5694-2 ( asher, 3 years 9 months )
Oh my heart! I snapped these pictures the other day after Asher and I had a grand adventure. I'm finishing up my final for my Photo 2  this semester so I bought Asher a new outfit at Old Navy and took him out into the neighborhood looking for fun and good spots for photos. We truly had such a wonderful time together. It felt like the old days when I had just one baby and simple walks to the dumpster behind our house were enough adventure for one day. Life with 2 is busy and I hope to strive harder to find the beauty in the little things with my boys: discovering caves under pine trees, running from landscaping sprinklers, looking for secret paths and making wishes on dandelions.
.IMG_5695-2IMG_5693-2 IMG_5729-2IMG_5733
similar portraits of asher from the past here + here.
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  1. Oh Asher, you are a cutie! There is always adventure to be found. I wish for lots of adventures for all of you!!


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