by gillian claire: happy friday!



happy friday!

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i'm just itching to put a blog post up but can't seem to coherently put anything together so i thought i'd share these photos from a personal project i've been working on! i finally got around to trying free-lensing and i am in love. the randomness and dreaminess of it is just soothing my need for something different in photography. the photos here are very consistent with my usual style of photography but i've also been pushing and trying some new things lately and it's been so refreshing and fun. i'm taking a class this semester that consists of building a semester long project and i've been putting a lot of work into it. i'm trying to push myself as an artist and it's an ongoing and wonderful journey.
happy friday friends, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. oooo! i love the effect!! also, the tones in these pictures (all your pictures, really) are so dreamy!

  2. i just love the soft, dreamy quality of these photos + the colours of course. blue & orange are so perfect together.


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