by gillian claire: happy friday.



happy friday.

brother style.

today is:
vacuuming with my little helper(who uses a grocery cart instead of a vacuum),
 actually getting homework done during asher's nap(yay!),
lemon kombucha,
milk + cheerios on the floor,
cleaning the bedroom (i hope),
finding staples in roman's shorts(why do thrift stores do that??)
wearing my favorite comfy sweater,
looking forward to cuddling my boys to sleep and finally getting to see aaron 
after an always good in ways but also tiring day!

what does your friday look like?

(photos from a photoshoot i did for Spearmint Baby a while back)

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  1. Wow these are good, as always. My FAVE is the second to last one with camera in the face! So cute.

  2. These are so adorable! I love these boys! <3


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