by gillian claire: living room play.



living room play.

IMG_1401IMG_1400IMG_1430i really don't take a lot of photos on the first floor of our home. we live in a little cabin of a house and the first floor is cozy and has a lot of wood. the second floor is a dream of natural light so clearly i love to photograph there.
these photos were taken in our living room and i'm glad because i truly love this house so so much. especially if we move this summer i will be glad to have documented a little of that room. 
asher is in such a darling stage right now. he loves to play and drags out his bucket of dinosaurs or lines up his little doggies and says "good job!" he is gathering more words everyday and one of his favorite things to do is take walks where he practices his new found vocabulary on the way.
"bye birrrrrd" "bye balllll" "teeee!" (tree) 
slowly he's finding his voice and it's just so so cute. this boy is a handful in every since of the word. he is extreme, and with that also comes his squeeze-you-around-the-leg kisses, and his every morning bright cheery smile to greet the day. :)
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  1. Asher sounds like such a great, great kid. Oh and I can't WAIT to move so that we can find a house with better lighting and a brighter kitchen!

  2. Seriously.....Asher is SOOOO cute. Love his curly hair!! Love your cabin walls and that red chair.

  3. These photos are wonderful!! You did an amazing job with the available light. They look pretty magical!


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