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this + that.

meresteve14meresteve9well, i'm super stressed right now. it's the end of the semester for school, and in true-gillian fashion i've left everything to the end. so i have 4 papers, 3 exams AND my honors art history presentation that i'm making this thursday looming over my head. oh my, help me.

just wanted to share a few other things in my life with you all. like these wedding photos i did last fall! i'd love for you all to take a peek and let me know what you think. photography is coming second to being a mom right now in my life, and that's the way i like it. but i've worked on putting together a few advertising things last week. it was so fulfilling to put together this blog post. i put so much work into editing client photos and it is so meaningful for me to put them all together and see the finished product. 
obviously, i work for my clients, 
but my photographs are also my work, 
and it is important to document them for myself as an artist as well. :)

also, my spearmint baby post from last week! i had so much fun putting this together, because oh my goodness spring is finally here and i couldn't be more thrilled!

happy earth day everyone, thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Gillian! Those photos are gorgeous! The first thing I noticed was the lighting - such beautiful use of the light - both indoors and out! And what a natural beauty that bride is! You captured her wonderfully. I am sure they were pleased. :)

  2. These photos are stunning, Gillian! I am known for putting things off too, so I know how stressful that can be! You got this - only a few more things to go!

  3. Your photos are stunning! I love that you put so much effort in them for you too- that says so much about you as an artist.

  4. beautiful photos! :) i'm obsessed with finding fun colored doors or walls for portraits. sometimes my clients think i'm crazy but as you can see, it makes the photos that much more fun! :)


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