by gillian claire: easter sunday.



easter sunday.

IMG_1342 (2dip2)IMG_1342 (2)dip3take2just a quick post to share some photos of our little easter bunnies yesterday.
gosh, they looked so adorable in their matchy match neon shorts and soft cuddly shirts. 
these boys had such a wonderful day. fun days like these, when my children are preoccupied with all the excitement, and therefore forfeiting their usual grumpiness, give me a chance to look at them from afar and see how wonderful they truly are :) 
i loved watching little ash carrying the big wire basket of plastic eggs down the hall at my grandparents house with the most satisfied smile on his face, watching him count the eggs "one doo tee!" and lining his puppies up all in a row.
roman's pure happy laughter in the backseat while playing with my little sister olivia, and his hard core determination to find as many eggs as he could during the egg hunt at aunt paula's :)
gosh, nothing better.

hope you all had a wondeful Easter!
here's to keeping Jesus at the center of our days, every day.

IMG_1371 (2)diptake2IMG_1362for the details on their outfits and to see roman + asher on spearmint baby today, visit me here!


  1. Oh my goodness, so cute!! I just got a pair if shorts almost identical at Kohls for Henry. Hopefully I can find a shirt just as cute to match.

  2. Mace needs neon shorts!!!! Love the tees too.

    Such stylish little guys!!

  3. Oh my goodness. I love the neon and gray! Such great subtle contrast.


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