by gillian claire: baby wearing.



baby wearing.

IMG_3679(spring 2012)

IMG_8682(asher's first birthday)
i'm featured on she breathes deeply today talking about baby wearing!
wearing my babies has been such a sweet and special part of mothering for me. it was such a treat to be able to share a little bit of my experience with others and to look through some
of these old photos;)
as asher is growing more and more toddler each day, i don't get to wear him as often. but we still have our moments. asher snuggling against his mama, his warm baby body against my chest, wiggling around to get comfortable, tucking his hands inside the sling.
such special tender moments, that i will cherish always :)
IMG_9160(summer 2012)


  1. So precious. I never wore Henry, but I regret it. I hold him and snuggled him so often that I don't feel as if it made a huge difference, but I'm looking forward to wearing our (hopefully)next baby.

  2. These are such beautiful and precious photos of you with your little one!

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