by gillian claire: enough.




19 monthsi wish i could be your perfect mommy. i wish i could let you climb the washer and run with a spoon in your mouth. i wish i didn't mind when you kick my neck to wake me up in the mornings. i wish you could color on the walls and i wish i could tip you upside down over and over and over for hours on end and treasure your joyful toothy giggle.

i wish i could be perfect for you. i wish that when you cry and whine at my feet and pull on my legs as i'm doing dishes, i wish that instead of feeling frustrated, i would always stop first and come down to you. because all you wanted anyway was to hug me slowly and softly in the afternoon light.

i wish i could be perfect, better, more. but all i am is me, YOUR mama.
and i hope that is enough.

19 months19 months19 monthsmy baby leggings post on spearmint baby this week :)


  1. i feel.. exactly the same way Gillian :( your a wonderful momma and they love you!

  2. I think it's plenty enough, although I feel the exact same way a lot of times. Beautifully written!

  3. OMG I had this same thought yesterday on the plane.....Mace was being a squirmy worm.....just going back and forth from me & Rob and not ever getting situated.....(probably because he's nine months old?!!).....and it was frustrating!! And I was thinking, man, I wish I didn't get frustrated, he's just a baby and he just wants to play and have us hold him. Great post.

  4. I just found your blog via the Art Of Baby Wearing Week - I love it! Such sweet little men, and your writing is beautiful. And your son Asher kind of kills me because he is only a few months older than my son, Drake, which means very soon I can expect my boy to look THAT big. Yikes! Jumping on beds?! But that's such a big boy activity! Gosh, I get stressed out at how fast this all flies by sometimes.
    By the way, it would seem to me that you are more than enough. :)
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