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goodbye to winter.

IMG_3319 .
well i prepared this post of random photos from this past winter and then it snowed over the weekend, because you know in colorado it snows in may and crazy stuff like that... but hopefully winter has bid us our last farewell by now! just looking at these photos makes me crave sunshine and lemon water and tank tops but these photos have been sitting on my computer for months and i wanted to share them with you all and say an official good ridence goodbye to winter!
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portraits of roman.

IMG_4240 .
My blog has been a little Asher heavy lately. It's natural because Asher is three and at an overall easier to photograph stage.  Roman, who is seven now, is going through a trying-to-be-funny in every photo stage. I mean, I can't blame him - he is a kid after all. As far as photographer-moms go, I'm pretty relaxed about the camera. I don't always have it and I'm very particular about when I bust it out. I try to read my kids and I try not to push it. I just couldn't handle being someone who always takes pictures, it would stress me out. In fact, I definitely need to relax a little more in this regard. I need to let the camera be a little more a part of me, a little more convenient.
My passion is definitely photographing my children. I enjoy it more than photographing anything in the world. The pictures that I take of them are, of course, so meaningful, a part of me. I also love the laid back feel of photographing my children as opposed to "other people". Don't get me wrong, I enjoy photographing others - but it's more set up, it's a job. Photographing my boys is the purest way to make a photograph for me. They are themselves, I'm truly in the background, recording them as they are.
But of course, it's not always just happening in front of me eyes. As many other mother/photographers know, there is that struggle of "oh, oh wait, wait wait, stand over here! smile! can i take one more? can you just do this-this-or that?" I know this is frustrating for kids. It is. It's certainly a lesson in patience because I love photography, I love photographing them, and ideas are going through my head and there are those moments I just want them to cooperate. Which of course, are the moments when they want nothing to do with it.
Even though it can be frustrating, I think the fact that children don't always want to cooperate adds to what is so wonderful about photographing them. Any adult can model and pose and do exactly what you want in front of the camera. Of course there is also an added awkwardness + insecurity that adults feel when having their picture taken. But with kids, it's more pure and real. Yesterday, while we were taking some FabKids photos, Roman was goofing off a little of course but he also, knowing how much it would mean to me, looked into my camera with these wonderful little faces and I couldn't be happier how they turned out. Because, truly, even though these photos were directed in a way and didn't just happen, this is the boys he is - the absolute sweetest boy and these are the smiles he gives me after I say no and he knows that I'll give in, and it's way he looks in the last moments of night when I tuck the blanket up by his face and whisper, "You are the sweetest, sweetest boy," and he says, "thanks mom."

These pictures were certainly worth the wait. :)

happy thoughts.

sharing some happy thoughts today:
  IMG_1296baby hair + sunshine

IMG_0860 i love this photo from the fall that i never shared: my boys <3

IMG_1174IMG_1153 photos from around the town.

IMG_0960IMG_0964 cloud pictures never get old to me, seriously. so cliche - but always good in my book.

IMG_1953 out-take of romey - but look how sweet he looks here?? 

IMG_4166 playtime in the morning sun.

IMG_3938 new moccasins from forever21 ( clearance $8.99! )IMG_4179-2 valentine flowers from aaron.

sweet notes from my namaw in ohio - missing that lady something fierce right now.
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boy style // FabKids

IMG_3893-2IMG_3906-2Roman with no arms... ;)
     I really do love doing photoshoots with my boys and it's one of my favorite things in the world, but man is it hard to find that balance between fun and infuriating! 
     I love the outfits that FabKids sent us for January, a perfect mix of neon / colorblock + stripes: my faves. I had a cute idea planned to use these fuzzy mustache stickers that I picked up at Old Navy for a photoshoot this month. The boys really had a lot of fun with them but I didn't get a lot of the side by side, sitting on the steps picture-perfect photos that I'd planned. It was more like a lot of dancing and tumbling around and the outtakes, I must say are absolutely hilarious. 
     So there was a lot of frustration but also a lot of fun; the golden sun setting over the mountains was peaking over the railing just so and I ended up with these gems. All in all, we have a lot of fun doing "photoshoots" and my boys put up with me thankfully and give me so many pictures and moments tied with them to treasure for always.
fabkids_jan_dip1fabkids_january5 Recognize this shirt?fabkids_january_dip4IMG_3759
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asher // picnic tables.

     it's really cute to see asher tag along with roman and the bigger kids at the park. surprisingly though he usually loses his edge after a while and ends up wanting to hang out with his mama. it makes me happy to have time with my little toddler. it seems like when asher is outside, his tense little body can finally breathe a sigh of  relief. he has always been much, much more relaxed and happy outdoors. it's tough since we live in a small third floor condo and we only have a tiny porch and a small shared backyard downstairs. we still get outside a lot but it would be so conveinent for both of our boys to just be able to run out into a backyard. next house.
     taking these photos of asher exploring around the picnic tables while roman ran around with his new "friends" was relaxing and soothing for us both. ;)
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my six year old right now.

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     roman is quite possibly just the sweetest thing on earth. ok, one of the sweetest things on earth. but seriously, everything about roman just exudes cute + adorable + wonderful. his round little face and happy smile cheer me up all the time. he has cheeks for days and i just want to squeeze and kiss them always. 
     he is absolutely in love with kindergarten and it makes me so, so happy. they only have full day kindergarten where we live, but roman only goes for 2 and a half hours in the morning. i always drive him there. he walks around with me, always holding my hand, on the playground and we play "i spy" until the bell rings. we always kiss on the lips and hug goodbye. i'm actually a little jealous because kindergarten just seriously sounds like maybe the most  wonderful thing in the whole wide world. he seriously glows when he tells me about all of his new adventures.
     roman is just such a bright cheerful little boy. he is really starting to venture out and want to be with other children. it's so cute to see him making fast friends at the playground now. i'm happy that he is coming out of his shell and lighting up the rest of the world with his infection little self, but i'm also happy that he always wants to hold my hand and still tells me i'm beautiful. because really, i have truly fallen head over heels in love with this little, happy son of mine. :)
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