by gillian claire: my six year old right now.



my six year old right now.

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     roman is quite possibly just the sweetest thing on earth. ok, one of the sweetest things on earth. but seriously, everything about roman just exudes cute + adorable + wonderful. his round little face and happy smile cheer me up all the time. he has cheeks for days and i just want to squeeze and kiss them always. 
     he is absolutely in love with kindergarten and it makes me so, so happy. they only have full day kindergarten where we live, but roman only goes for 2 and a half hours in the morning. i always drive him there. he walks around with me, always holding my hand, on the playground and we play "i spy" until the bell rings. we always kiss on the lips and hug goodbye. i'm actually a little jealous because kindergarten just seriously sounds like maybe the most  wonderful thing in the whole wide world. he seriously glows when he tells me about all of his new adventures.
     roman is just such a bright cheerful little boy. he is really starting to venture out and want to be with other children. it's so cute to see him making fast friends at the playground now. i'm happy that he is coming out of his shell and lighting up the rest of the world with his infection little self, but i'm also happy that he always wants to hold my hand and still tells me i'm beautiful. because really, i have truly fallen head over heels in love with this little, happy son of mine. :)
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  1. and you can tell how in love you are with your little one through your words! six is such a sweet age, and he is such a cutie!


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