by gillian claire: brothers // friday things.



brothers // friday things.

006i died when i got this photo - perfect representation of their personalities!
051 050 happy and free.020 roman annoyed that i'm taking a picture; asher doing "spooky face" - his fave.044 i didn't realize that they were pulling on a broken part of the fence until after i took this picture -oops!025 022(2) brother love. <3271      looking at my sons these days and looking through these photos, i'm thinking, "oh my goodness i kind of have two boys now." not babies. like real-talking-running-thinking for themselves-tiny humans. man, that went fast. it's super adorable of course being able watching these two interact and play and i know that their relationship will only continue to grow. ;)
     a couple of side notes: thanks for all of your comments on my defined post last week! i really loved sharing my heart and truly appreciated reading your sweet words. :)
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happy friday everyone!


  1. That first photo is so adorable. I love seeing that 'spooky face'. So cute!

  2. i love seeing the bond siblings create especially in their younger years. your boys are so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness! Both of them are really just too adorable!

  4. So sweet Gillian! You can just tell how much they love each other.


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