by gillian claire: toddler things.



toddler things.

one of the beautiful parts of roman attending kindergarten has been the wonderful, and quieter, mornings alone with our littlest.
it is amazing the difference in his personality when roman is not here.
truly, amazing.
don't get me wrong - kindergarten hasn't just been a quick fix to asher's high needs.
but it has given us all a couple of hours to breathe and relax.
for many reasons, asher just tones way down when roman is not around.
i am so thankful because this precious little toddler stage that asher is in currently is one of my
 all-time favorites.
in my mind roman is kind of frozen at the 2 year old stage.
he ran around in these same little fleece pants and chose from the same shirts that asher now
"pickles" (picks) from each day.
i am so glad that i get a chance to notice and appreciate asher at this magical stage as well.
his thoughts and vocabulary are just exploding right now.
a mini grownup.
still my baby but about to turn three this summer.
i can't even believe it.
(recent photos of some special asher moments)
still always sleeping with mama
baby // hands in my hair
playing cows // painted little toenails
napping - family bed style // mornings
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  1. It's sad that our boys are growing up so fast, but I have to say, I love this stage right now as well. Henry seems to be branching out (for the most part) of the temper-tantrums and defiance and listening a little more. We have more fun going places and doing activities and he's been such a sweetheart the past few months, reaching his arms up when I got to leave and saying 'hug' and then puckering up for a kiss. I don't want him to grow up so fast, but as a first time mom, I love experiences all the different highs and lows of the different stages and ages.


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