by gillian claire: asher // picnic tables.



asher // picnic tables.

     it's really cute to see asher tag along with roman and the bigger kids at the park. surprisingly though he usually loses his edge after a while and ends up wanting to hang out with his mama. it makes me happy to have time with my little toddler. it seems like when asher is outside, his tense little body can finally breathe a sigh of  relief. he has always been much, much more relaxed and happy outdoors. it's tough since we live in a small third floor condo and we only have a tiny porch and a small shared backyard downstairs. we still get outside a lot but it would be so conveinent for both of our boys to just be able to run out into a backyard. next house.
     taking these photos of asher exploring around the picnic tables while roman ran around with his new "friends" was relaxing and soothing for us both. ;)
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  1. you're photos are amazing! what a cutie! love boys and their exploring ways

  2. gorgeous photographs, gillian. i know that these days are not far away and i'm wondering if my weak mama heart can handle it!!

  3. Nice post, i hope everyone will like your post..


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