by gillian claire: wild.




IMG_6786IMG_6774IMG_6790oh this little boy is driving me wild lately.
absolutely wild.
does that seem to be a reoccurring theme on my blog lately?
well, it is a reoccurring theme in my life; that's for sure.
 asher's needs and passions and feelings are strong and sudden.
they are loud and angry and fervent and tirelessly exhausting.
but with the wild, there always comes good.
yesterday, out of nowhere, asher snapped out of one of his tantrums in the car and he looked at me with his turned down eyes and sighed, " i sowwy mommy, i sowwwwy."
 it was heartbreaking to see his little soul take a breath and voice what he feels in his heart.
i know that his tantrums and actions pain him as well.
and today, after an all out furious tantrum, he apologized again,
 "i sorry mommy."
and then he promptly invented a new ridiculous smile that he flashed to us all.
and we all laughed and smiled back.
and he said, "i happy! i happy!"
asher delights in love and affection and when he gets the attention that he craves - he beams with true appreciation and joy.
this is a boy who wants to be loved more than anything.
and he is a wonderful lesson to us all, that love doesn't always come easy.
and it shouldn't.
or it wouldn't really be worth nearly as much in the end.
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  1. so sweet... <3 did roman go through a similar phase in his toddlerhood? or is this unique to little asher? i wonder so much about how it must be to raise two boys.

    1. Asher and Roman are a lot alike but totally different in regards to this "wildness". Asher has much higher needs than Roman and additionally is the second child which I think exasperates things!

  2. I adore that last photo of him. Henry is the same way most days - so full of energy and stubborn attitude that it almost breaks us at times, but then he is also takes that energy and stubborn attitude and loves deeply. And you are right - if love came so easily, it wouldn't be as worth it.


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