by gillian claire: goodbye to winter.


goodbye to winter.

IMG_3319 .
well i prepared this post of random photos from this past winter and then it snowed over the weekend, because you know in colorado it snows in may and crazy stuff like that... but hopefully winter has bid us our last farewell by now! just looking at these photos makes me crave sunshine and lemon water and tank tops but these photos have been sitting on my computer for months and i wanted to share them with you all and say an official good ridence goodbye to winter!
.IMG_3328IMG_3342-2IMG_3350IMG_3355IMG_3251IMG_3253IMG_4229IMG_4230IMG_4253IMG_4254IMG_4256IMG_4258 .

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  1. Beautiful post sweet friend!!!

  2. Those little rugrats are just too cute! :)

  3. your pictures are so amazing. hopefully this is the last of the snow and you can bust out your tank tops and flip flops very soon!

    1. Thanks for the compliment on my photos! So thankful for warm weather now! :)


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