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just popping in!

ashdip( portraits of Asher, june 2015 )
Oh my goodness, May has come and gone and I've basically spent most of it away from my real camera. It's been a nice break but I miss blogging! I also need to take my Mac in to be fixed so maybe after that I'll be able to finally get some of my creativity out and onto my blog! I did pick up my camera the other day for one of the first times this summer and I seriously just couldn't put it down! I took pictures of Asher that morning in his room ( see above ) and then we went to the park and found an amazing field of dandelions ( my DREAM ) and then I took more pictures of Asher is some shirts for a company we are working with this summer.  Now I'm experiencing that high once again of uploading photos to my Lightroom catalog and swooning as they appear...
Asher's ridiculously adorable tank top was a Crazy8 clearance find for $2.99! And hey, if anyone is interested in becoming an affiliate with the Gymboree brand ( Gymboree, Crazy8 and Janie + Jack ) click here! Crazy8 is one of my fave stores for little boy clothes. Working with their affiliate program is fun because sometimes they offer bonuses for posts and they also keep you in the loop about all their sales.
I hope you all are having a great start to summer!


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