by gillian claire: twenty months.



twenty months.

twenty months.
oh this photo, the definition of our ash. 
twenty months, in the same little shirt that i made for roman when he was small.
i'll let the photos speak for themselves this time, but fear not - my heart is filled with just as much gushy mushy love for this boy as usual.

IMG_1212-2IMG_1213-2IMG_1250IMG_1258some previous monthly photos:


  1. Don't ever cut that beautiful hair! My hubs keeps wanting to go shorter and shorter with Drew's and I just can't. I LOVE his locks and refuse to cut them off. Someday our little guys will want buzzed hair when they are in high school playing sports, but for now, I need length. More to run my fingers through and sniff! :)

    PS - Don't forget to get your Easter Basket pics ready for our link party on Thursday!

  2. These photos are the cutest!!! I agree with the hair. Our youngest Jamie had a buzz cut from his dad when he was about 14 months and I was so traumatised by that that I haven't let Rick cut his hair since! I know it's definitely getting too long now but I just love him with longer hair rather than short hair.
    Your little boy is sooo cute.
    Ronnie xo

  3. He is SO CUTE. You do a good job of taking pictures of him! I mean, granted, you are a photographer. But still. I like them. :P


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