by gillian claire: teddy bear.



teddy bear.


ok, so these are obviously old, but i think that they are too special to never share.
i have so many photos of this boy, of these boys of mine.
and they sit on my computer. or on disks. or on flashdrives. and my computer is jam stuffed FULL,
 it always is.
lightroom has 16,000 photos on it right now. as usual.
i have client sessions backed up all over the place in no particular order.
i am a disorganized mess. with random photo albums + half started projects here and there and everywhere.
with all these photos, yet none on my wall.
with visions and dreams of what to do with them, but never really doing much...
honestly it stresses me out sometimes.
 but in reality, it doesn't really matter. at all.
i kind of like being a disorganized mess - thank you very much.
and at the end of the day, it means nothing if the baby book is caught up,
or if i have a  baby book at all.
i'll get around to it, and if i don't, it's okay.
i just want to appreciate my photos for what they are - real moments in time with my blessings.

so, here are some photos from last spring to enjoy, at our last home, when asher was 10 months old.
playing in the back yard with his teddy bear that aunt hillary brought him from europe.
oh these boys, and these days. a dream come true.

p.s. how do you all organize family photos?? i would LOVE some ideas.
you know, ideas that i may never get around to doing ;)
also, do any of you have suggestions on a good external hard drive? 

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  1. These really are too special not to share! I've actually managed to keep most of my photos organized (although my walls are pretty bare as well). I usually separate photos by the year and then by what they are. I also back-up all of mine on my website, as well as Facebook (which I know is pretty much pointless). I keep the ones on my website in a private folder so that no one sees them but me. I've just lost so many photos in the past to computer crashes that even if the quality is horrible, I like to know I have them SOMEWHERE still.

  2. Oh, these photos make my heart melt! Your photography is stunning, I'm glad to have come across your blog! I'm following now. <3

  3. Love that adorable little romper!!


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