by gillian claire: wonderful.



{ roman, a super grainy off-focus portrait. }

i'm all for getting the "perfect photograph". i'm all for natural light and the perfect match up of camera settings.
but don't you think that if we're always wrapped up in trying to find perfect,
we might miss out on wonderful?
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  1. Great perspective!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i DO think that! and I love that you do, too. I adore this photo, graininess and all. <3

  3. I absolutely agree! I try not to worry about it anymore. The memory is what is important, not the perfection of the photo preserving it!

  4. I so agree. I have pictures in my mind of the perfect photos of Mace.....but they aren't REAL. I need to forget that and just photograph our real life. Like Jenn said, it's the memory that is important, not some staged, perfect pic.

    I LOVE this pic!!

  5. You are a great photographer! Thanks for checking out my yard sale post I plan on keeping it up through the spring!

  6. I think the wonderful, everyday photos of kiddos are the ones that really capture their little spirits and personalities. Then again, nothing I ever take is anywhere near professional quality!


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