by gillian claire: 21 months.



21 months.

i'd imagined that these monthly photos would get easier when the weather got warmer, and i thought i would plan out the perfect photo shoot for these photos, but the truth is i never really got around to it. 
he happened to have this darling sweater on after our walk the other night, so i grabbed my camera 
to capture a few moments of my little boy exploring the yard.
21 months is just lovely - perfect round kisses + smooth  chubby baby arms soaking up sunshine.
 asher has a true love for birds, and walks in the neighborhood where he can practice his new found vocabulary.
 and he is learning, like us all,
that the sun and the moon and the stars certainly must  revolve around this little family of 4.

my dream boy.

some previous monthly photos:

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  1. That sweater is lovely! Beautiful photos, as always. Happy 21 months!

  2. i hope i take as many pics of my little one as you do! i find myself always using my phone for snapshots and i know when she gets here i'll want the best pics possible. i guess i better make sure the good camera is always in reach! :)

  3. Dying over that sweater. So sweet and dreamy :)


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