by gillian claire: happy friday!



happy friday!

IMG_1823happy friday everyone!
i just got my little asher to sleep and am pretty tired myself and avoiding going back downstairs. he is so sweet, laying next to me with his little hands wrapped around my arm.
today we had our first moving sale! we are hoping to have 3 more days total of moving sales before we leave. we were only open for about 4 hours today and made only 90 dollars, but i'm happy with it. i love having garage sales. seriously, it is so fun to sit out in the sunshine and wait for people to buy your old stuff. and man, do we have a lot of stuff that needs buying...
roman also got his cast put on today. he decided on black + glow in the dark but changed his mind and ended up with orange + glow in the dark ;) 
goodness he's looking big to me right now.
whenever i buy the boys new clothes and they start wearing the size up - they look HUGE to me. and i don't like it! stay little little ones, will you?
have a good weekend everyone!
p.s.  i don't think i ever shared my last spearmint baby post about some of my favorite boy shoes for summer.

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  1. I feel like having an impromptu garage sale! I keep looking around my house and thinking I want everything GONE. Like NOW! So I envy your moving sales :)) Moving is always a great time to purge :))

    And on the shoes....I can't waaaaiit until Mace is big enough to wear boots! Those rain boots are too cute.

  2. What lovely children you have! I know what you mean about things looking huge...I'm always doubtful that new things will fit...and sad when they do!

    Thanks for stopping by Project Procrastinot. I love meeting new blog friends!


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