by gillian claire: spring.




IMG_1490IMG_1530IMG_1493IMG_1547spring things:
new growth, babe in the bushes, boys picking flowers, soft evening light + hair in a bun.
i always get this high when spring comes and it seems like life will take this drastic turn for the better in every way. and it always does at first. i turn into crazy productive mode and spend hours outside as the sunshine warms me inside and out. the flowers are intoxicating and i'm wearing flip flops again and feel like a million bucks. 
of course, the crazy always dies down a little, and i realize that spring is just another season. 
with it, there will be good days and bad.
we'll still have days where mama has been up all night with her little screetch owl baby boy, and we'll watch countless movies all day until daddy gets home.
and that's okay.
no season in life is perfect, but with the bad there is always good and man, these days of  spring.
 these days of family hikes in the woods,
holding hands with my husband and looking at our two little boys wearing baseball caps and running ahead - they are good ;)
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  1. They are the best. I love spring time, and I, like you, love being out soaking up the sunshine.

  2. "No season in life is perfect, but with the bad there is always good." I love that - so poetic and so true.
    That last photo is breathtaking!
    Ronnie xo


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