by gillian claire: roman's words.



roman's words.


roman broke his arm again on sunday, falling from a tree in our back yard. ( i know, i know we can NOT believe that he has broken it for the third time.) i rode in the backseat with him on the 30 minute drive to the hospital while we took pictures of ourselves with my ipod, and then i was the one to go into the er at the first hospital (we were later transferred to a specialist) and during those 3 hours we read a book together and playing the "don't you smile game" and joked around. roman kept saying "this is the best worst day, it's the worst because i broke my arm but its the best because we get to spend SO much time together!" of course, roman and i spend everyday, almost all day together, but we really don't get that one on one time that we had on sunday. it was special and good, and i just love that during the pain and fear that roman was experiencing, he was still his usual positive and perceptive self, finding the good things to hold on to.
aaron and i are always saving texts between each other of things roman says or conversations he has with asher. i keep meaning to write them down in my journal but i keep forgetting. i wanted to jot a few things down just to remember the sweet  soul our roman is at five years old.
he is constantly reminding us of the good things, of the important things. his viewpoints and his feelings are so wonderfully pure and real.
roman's words:
"you're different than just any old girl; you're my mommy"
"there has to be God. or else the world wouldn't feel like joy!"
"the more love, the more happy."
"i was MADE for hug and kisses"
"i was made for everything love."

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  1. Poor kiddo! But oh do I love those quotes. So sweet!

  2. You're different than any old girl! LOVE it! Poor Roman, hope he is mended up in no time!

  3. This is the best worst day – awwww! So sweet. I just love hearing children talk and the things they come up with. These all made my heart smile really big!


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