by gillian claire: one year ago.



one year ago.

i know that i always say this, and it is still true - i have SO many unedited photos sitting on my computer. who knows what i'll actually end up doing with all of them.
but today, i happened to look through these photos, that were taken last year.
time flies...
( also, asher just had a bath before these photos, so his hair is wet - not super greasy hah! )
IMG_9377dipIMG_9384IMG_9356-2IMG_9362IMG_9346IMG_9423-2things i love from these photos:
asher's striped romper, painted walls, the changing table i painted, wooden blocks, cloth diapers, roman's baby towel that aaron surprised me with when i was pregnant ;)

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  1. Ohhh I looovvee these! Esp the first two of Asher and the one of Roman playing with blocks. Perfect.

    And stripes! <3


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