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then + now.

080dip(asher + mama, september 2011)

080dip3(asher + mama september 2012)

a lot has changed since last fall when we moved into this house. but a lot is still the same.
a little newborn has learned to sit and stand and crawl and walk and turned into a toddler.
 our little peachy three year old has become an artist, a super hero, a tee ball player and has also turned four.
and aaron and i have gained another year as parents and as partners to each other.
 and now it's time to move on and move all our stuff with us to a new house. and a year from now, who knows where we'll be ;)

073 087IMG_9049IMG_9047


  1. Oh my goodness, the new photos of you and Asher at the bottom are SO gorgeous! I was just looking up photos of Henry earlier today from this time last year. It's insane how fast they grow and change.

  2. They grow up so fast, don't' they? The last photo is just lovely... something about that warm, glowing light. x


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