by gillian claire: so good.


so good.


just some photos from last night. i took them with my computer and they are dark and blurry and horrible quality, and i wouldn't have them any other way. sometimes getting the perfect photo becomes exhausting and meaningless. and these photos to me are full of purpose and love.
 asher and i got to spend a little time alone last night - taking these photos, playing our hug and tickle game, and then i nursed him to sleep as he played with my hair of course. and as i watched his little face up on the screen, i just felt in awe. he is beautiful. and wonderful. these asher baby days are a whirlwind all around me, but i got a little chance tonight to step back and see what a beautiful little soul i have in my life. it isn't always perfect, but God is always good. so good.

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  1. Those first two pics are just PERFECT. I can just hear the giggles!!

  2. These are just beautiful, Gillian. He is such a cute thing!


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