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stopping in.

hey everyone!
i'm on another little forced blogging hiatus. my awfully frustrating computer that i've been hating on for a while has been sent away for a new hard drive!
there is something about not having a computer that makes me feel filled with artistic inspiration. now that i don't have a computer handy to edit with, all of a sudden all I want to do is go out and take photos: of my boys in the dandelions, of the blooming pink and white flowers, of everything. i know that that they coincide. because without photoshop and lightroom, without scrolling trough hundreds of photos and choosing and perfecting - photography reverts back to just me and my camera - the sun and my boys, and that's the stuff i love. the technical aspects are necessary as well because i also fall in love with the finished product, but regardless these breaks are necessary and nice. they give my neck a break from my big ol' camera and they give my mind a break and a chance to breathe in some inspiration.
at least i have this little ipod, which i'm writing this post with! these springtime photos were already      uploaded to flickr and saved as a draft. i'm not exactly sure when my computer will be finished and we're also heading out across the country again soon for a couple of weeks so it might stay pretty quiet here. in the meantime, catch up with me on instagram @bygillianclaire or leave me a comment or heck write me an email:!
love, gillian192sharp240196


  1. Missed you and those two cutie pies!! :)) Looking forward to you getting your computer back :))

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