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this boy...

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i've been looking for a chance to share both of these photos so, here ya go.
this boy.
he is the sweetest sort of sweet. he is the boy who at six years of age, still loves to talk about how he came into the world. how he was a winter baby and how he had "milkies" for three years and has the softest skin to prove it.
even though i used to be a very touchy sort of mother and person in general, having a rather high needs toddler now leaves me feeling extremely touched out a lot of the time.
but this boy, is all about touch and love and every night on our walks he tries to hold my hand the whole time. sometimes i say that i want to take a little break from holding hands but when i do the "good mom" thing and hold his back, he tells me, 
"squeeze tighter, mom."
i can hardly even talk about the piece of love that this one is without getting crazy, and i mean crazy, emotional.
it's out of control the sort of desperate love i have watching roman come into his own.
or rather just grow as the one he has always, always been...
"i was made for love," he told me once.
these are the things that drive me to just plain crazy madness.
love is a dangerous thing.
(p.s. thanks for your wonderful comments on my last post about motherhood. i love reading your comments so much!)

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