by gillian claire: friday things.



friday things.

IMG_9632IMG_9630-2( two cute toddler moments )
it's friday!
i don't know what my deal is but i have just been so tired the past few days.  i guess i need to drink more coffee, i don't feel like i've been staying true to my second or third cup lately and it shows.
 that or i need more sleep which seems much less likely to happen!
so having said that, my plan was to be at the gym right now but instead i'm laying in bed and eating burritos and blogging while asher naps. maybe i'll work out later... maybe.
burritos first.
aaron took over "fun friday" today with the boys while i was at work and he bought them each a
$5 nerf gun. happiness abounds. :)
speaking of work, we have FALL clothing in now. ew. ew, ew, ew.
ok fine, i like fall and am the littlest bit excited for boots and sweaters.
but i am not ok with winter coming, not okay at all.
my blog has 150 followers on bloglovin'!
what, you aren't impressed? okay fine, it's not a lot but it feels like a lot to me.
and speaking of blogs, tell me your favorite ever blogs in the comments!
i just decided that i need to mix it up and add a few new ones to my daily reading.
and if you are a blogger interested in advertising, let me know if you'd like to swap ads!
 i recently cleaned up my sidebar a bit and could add a couple in there.
have a good weekend everyone!
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  1. He's so stinkin' adorable. Where are you working? I guess I somehow missed that you were working somewhere. My favorite blog is probably yours. Seriously. My real life friend, Amber, also blogs and I enjoy reading her posts over at Take No Thought: And 150 followers?!? I'm sorry, but that's HUGE! Congrats girly!

    1. I'm working at Old Navy! I just started there in June. Things have been all over the place job wise for us this year so I'm really happy to have a part time job right now. Thanks for saying that my blog is your favorite - you are too sweet!! How do you and Amber know each other? I used to follow along with her photos back in the day as well, I'll have to check out her blog. :)

  2. I thinnk burritos is a good bet, they would ruin if you didn't eat them and the gym will more than likely be there later. Food first, always! :) My favorite blog….I am not sure since you already read Jenn's blog….I do like Lauren at

  3. Burritos first! I like how you think. I went for the work out and then a brownie to completely cancel out any benefit. I tried a video with Aria right before her nap, and it was the funniest watching her try out jumping jacks. She was prancing all over the room flapping her arms and attempting to hop. I suck at squeezing in work outs before she gets up or during naps or even at night, so maybe we'll try it this way.
    I think 150 is awesome! I'm getting close to 100 and I'm how did that happen?! It seems like quite a lot to me.


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