by gillian claire: mountain sunsets / pictures for me.


mountain sunsets / pictures for me.

IMG_0044IMG_0046IMG_0052 .
i took these photos a while ago. i snuck into my room by myself and just clicked some pictures of the sun setting behind the mountains + rooftops. it was so soothing to spend a few moments taking pictures all by myself. also, how lucky am i to have these mountain sunsets right outside my window?
just some thoughts for a monday.


  1. SO so lucky! i can't get over the tones - our sunsets come in much different colors, also beautiful but there's just something about the mountains! xo

  2. You are totally lucky for the view! I savor quiet moments like these.

  3. Great view. Every mama (every person really!) needs a few moments to herself to take pictures of sunsets.


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