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The other day I had a revelation that 3 is the absolute, perfect age. Then, I kind of freaked out because I realized that Asher will be 4 this summer. I mean I will have a 4 and 7 year old. I can't believe that I will be a mom of two little boys. Where did my babies go?
I settled down after realizing that Asher's 3rd year is only halfway up. He is still very much my baby. He is still so little and sweet and cuddly.  He plays with my hair ( his hair, he says, it's his ) and needs me in the most baby of ways. He is learning so much and doing all the hilarious wonderful 3 year old things. He loves when I tell him how awesome and wonderful he is - he lights up. He brings me a pillow and says, "I wanted to do something nice for you Mommy!" He runs around the playground but stops to yell out, "Mommy..... I love you!"
I still have half a year of 3 and I might need to have more babies one day, so that I can get a chance to do 3 again.


  1. everyone warns you about "how fast it will go" but no matter what, you just can't prepare yourself for it. these photographs are absolutely gorgeous and capture his sweet baby-ness so beautifully. <3

    1. thanks, Dena and you are so right! it goes so, so fast.


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