by gillian claire: insta-july; part 1.



insta-july; part 1.

July came and went and August is well on it's way; I can't believe it! 
I'm just going to pretend that summer is not anywhere near coming to an end because warm weather and sunshine makes me happy. I'm not ready for cold or snow or even fall, NOPE. 
I want to share some of my favorite Instagram photos from July here on the blog. 
I'm still loving having my iPhone6 to take pictures with!
july_instagram_comes_in_colours_1 .
we had fun meandering around some antique malls at the edge of town in the beginning of july. it was fun to explore somewhere new!
july_instagram_comes_in_colours_2 .
4th of july stripes and poppers! // fun photos at the playground
july_instagram_comes_in_colours_3 .
some pictures from a walk at butterfly woods: me + my little boys <3 // feet in the sparkly water = bliss
july_instagram_comes_in_colours_4 .
lazy moments around the house: a little peeking cuddler // 
bath time with a watermelon candle + coffee
july_instagram_comes_in_colours_5 .
a trip to estes park with my husband's brother + his wife. it rained but we had lunch and we able to get these views of the mountains, worth it.
july_instagram_comes_in_colours_6 .
we love getting packages in the mail! asher was thrilled with this shark shirt from kidteez ( see THIS post for a 30% off coupon code! ) // roman's artee and me tee came!
july_instagram_comes_in_colours_7 .
asher in his watermelon outfit; oh my goodness! i love shopping with my boys and these pictures were taken on our trip to old navy + target. :) ( see more pictures of asher's shirt HERE )
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  1. feet in sparkly water! I've always enjoyed that, but I seem to be lacking in it in FL. I have great memories of finding things like that on family trips to Ohio though. Plus that big soft pretzel at the end, yum.

  2. Your lil' boys are so sweet :)

    Betty | Inspiremeand

  3. Your phone takes great pictures! I can’t wait to upgrade to the 6. I still have the 5s right now. Love all of these pictures. We camped at Estes Park one time and it was absolutely amazing. We had Elk just walking around our campgrounds! And I love the little strip of shopping there. I am missing Colorado something fierce right now.


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